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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

So Long Summer

So I had a good start on a summer recap post and then I lost it! So I will try my best to match what I had.

Summer was nice and busy. Maybe too busy. Last summer was so glorious that it was tough to beat, but I still think we had a nice time.

Isla did two VBSs this summer and it's safe to say she's hooked! We have the cd from her first one and she likes to put it on and bust a move!
One day while Isla was at VBS we went to a friend's farm to see all of her animals. I'm sad Isla missed it, but Gemma loved seeing the horses and chickens and goats and things.

Earlier in the summer we went on about 1000 nature walks around our neighborhood park, and they were just great! We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

We chased bunnies :). We are on the edge of town so we get a lot of wildlife. Some of it's not so good (like scorpions - ewwwww), but we like all the bunnies running around.

We spent quite a bit of time at Midland parks. Midland recently renovated quite a few of them and they are amazing! 

We went to our neighborhood pool some, but not too much. For one thing it's freezing, even when it's 110 degrees out (something about a wet bulb temperature) and it was hard to handle two nonswimmers without Nick. 

At the beginning of July we did a tour of Texas and visited friends in San Antonio, my parents in Houston and Nick's parents in Temple. Nick wasn't with us for the Houston part and my parents treated us to a few days at the Woodlands Resort and Conference Center! It was perfect.
We also saw my Nana and went out on her boat... which she has now sold, ahem.
I've never seen anyone hate anything as much as Zoya hated her life jacket.
Isla is finally getting the hang of bike riding without training wheels. We stole Gemma's bike because it's smaller than Isla's and that did the trick. Nick worked and worked with her so patiently. He is the best!
Towards the end of summer, my cousin Hunter moved to Midland and moved in with us! He will probably only be here a bit longer, but we love having him and the girls enjoy him so. This picture is from the Midland Airsho (no w). He's a great sport with the girls.
Probably our most favoritest thing we discovered was the FREE summer concert series at our local museum. We heard about it our first summer, but we just never made it before and we were totally missing out! The bands were pretty great the girls had so much fun running free with their friends. I'm so sad it's over.
I have a few more posts to do on summer, but in the meantime, to quote Gemma, I am "juthst tho tho thorry" it's over!

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