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Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Weekend in Balmorhea

We enjoyed camping in Palo Duro canyon so much earlier this summer, that we were anxious to try again and see if we couldn't repeat our fun! Balmorhea state park is a place we've visited our previous two summers as day trips and we love it. It's a very beautiful and uniquely west Texas place.

This time we went with family friends from Midland and Nick's sister and her family decided to join us from Houston. Between the four families we had 11 kids between the ages of 6 1/2 and 8 months old! This kids free ranged around our campsite and had so much fun being a little less supervised than usual.

We also had a lot of cousin antics happening! Nick's sister has Bear of course, and then three girls who are close in age to all my three girls. Bear is very outnumbered!

We spent the first night just checking out the state park since the swimming pool was closed. It's small but there's a creek and a playground, and it kept the kids busy.

Day 2 we swam in the morning and evening. Gemma and Zoya actually got in the cold water on the first day.

We then took a break in the afternoon to go and check out the Davis mountains and the McDonald observatory. This long car ride provided a break from the 111!!! degree heat and also helped the kids get a much needed nap. We would really like to return to the observatory for a nighttime star tour in the future. I ❤️ west Texas skies! Especially at night. Because of no light pollution, the stars really are big and bright.

Here's Gemma bonding with her cousin twin Logan that evening. There were some very, very large turtles in the creek beyond the swimming pool.

Day 3 was all swimming and getting ready to head home. It was also a day for daredevil antics off the high dive. Nick actually flipped! And brave Isla and her little cousin buddy, Hallie even went off of the high dive. Here they are waiting in line.

Proof they jumped!

They also jumped off of the low dive together, which was so cute.

Scuba babies! Cousins Cora and Zoya are only two months apart.

Little Gemmie-Lou refused to get into the water on day 2. Also the floaties mean that I have completely given up on her swimming independently for now. Our year of lessons were essentially wasted, which is a bummer because even though we love our instructors, we won't be able to continue lessons for at least the next year. Isla is a very strong swimmer so that's good!

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend away with family and friends! We will definitely be doing it again soon.

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