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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy July Days!

1) Happy Birthday USA! Some days it's hard to be proud of my country when so many people only focus on the bad in our history, and I start to feel like I should be ashamed to be an American or that it isn't ok to be proud. Sometimes it is hard to be proud to be from a place where 9 of my brothers and sisters in Christ can be gunned down inside their own church just because they are black. Church is a place where my family spends hours each week, and that I associate with perfect safety. When something like that happens, I start to think the critics might be right. That really shook me. I try to remember this, the USA might not be a perfect place, but I can be proud and thankful that we've had 200+ years of being a people that believes that anyone from anywhere can achieve what others think are impossible. In Russia, I cannot tell you how many times I heard "nevozmozhno" which is Russian for "impossible". It's a fairly common response to even the simplest requests. Some days I feel like it's impossible that we will ever be a nation of people who stick together or just plain like each other instead of constantly trying to tear each other down. But I am clinging to hope that the Lord brings about a serious revival in the hearts of Americans, and that we can one day be reunited in true unity and equality as a people who aknowledge God as sovereign. 

2) July 1 marked our 2 year anniversary in Midland! We've had such turnaround from where we were two years ago. We
were coming off several very stressful health scares and an international move, and I did NOT want move anywhere but back home to Houston. Now here I am singing Midland's praises. My husband was right to bring us here! (There it is, in writing - Nick was right, I was wrong.) There's enough to do to keep us busy, we are excited about Isla's school, we have an amazing babysitter, and I love that it has a small town Mayberry feel. Don't forget that we added a little Midland baby to our family :). For the first time ever I feel like I belong to a community because I run into someone I know every where we go! I have friends and a wonderful church. This is an amazing place to raise a family. I'm just happy, happy and although I think I'll always have restless moments, I can say that I'm the most content I've ever been. I'm so thankful for our time here and whether we stay or go or go and come back, I'm so glad we have lived here!

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