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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Buggin'

This Summer, Isla has been super into bugs! I don't remember going through this phase, but I am excited that she's taking an interest in the outdoors and is conducting her own little science experiments. We have one rule though - no bugs in the house, which being my kids they follow without any protestations (NOT!).

Isla spends a lot of time studying ants, and trying to figure out what they do and what they like to eat! We tried several different foods outdoors before we discovered that ants LOVE honey more than anything else. 

I also bought several hundred lady bugs from our local nursery, and it was the best $12 I ever spent! The girls had so much fun turning them loose and letting them crawl all over everything. And somehow, several of these ladybugs did end up flying away into MY home!

I hope Zoya wasn't eating a ladybug!

We've also been blessed with a lot of butterflies this season. Isla has a book on butterfly transformations with species listed in the back and she has memorized them all. I'm always so impressed when she busts out with an official name
for a random butterfly. She's also become an expert at catching them.

:) Hopefully we will find more buggy adventures as the summer progresses!

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