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Friday, June 26, 2015

Home Tour: Updated Living / Dining Room

We really didn't update much, but we received a new rug a few days a go and rearranged the furniture since last time I took pictures, and this room has gone back to being my favorite room!

Last year after we bought our console, I started to feel like maybe I was using too much green and I started to get sick of it; with the green rug it felt like a little much. However all the furniture and accessories were ok and my life is not an episode of HGTV where perfectly fine home items are thrown out in pursuit of perfect design.

Unfortunately the rug did not hold up well at all. It wore very badly and showed dirt in the worse way. Even though it was only two years old, it just became grosser and grosser in spite of three professional cleanings. With all the Texas rains we have been having lately, Frodo, who will be 13 this summer has decided that he is too old to deal with wet feet when going potty, and did unspeakable things on my rug three days in a row. This is on top of other unspeakable things both he and my children have done on this rug over the past two years! Finally I texted Nick a picture of Frodo's business and told Nick I was burning the rug AND the dog! It was time to throw that thing out - the rug - not the dog. I was only kidding about burning the dog.

After that I set about finding the perfect rug, and I think I did. It's bigger than my old rug, a natural fiber and a more neutral color so it doesn't overpower the room. I love it. Everything looks much lighter and brighter, and I no longer want to throw out every green thing I own and start over!

I apologize in advance for my iPhone quality photos.

Also I love my new throw pillow!

Dirty, cute, stinky old dog!

Upcoming improvements (over the next year so don't look for them anytime soon) include:
- restaining the mantle
- barstools
- getting rid of the white desk and replacing it with a piano
- updated photo wall with our new family photos

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