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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

10 Years

A few weeks ago, Nick and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. Prior to hitting this milestone, I thought that it would feel really, really big. Like we had achieved something major. As the day crept closer, my excitement over reaching a BIG MILESTONE just sort of deflated because I realized that we potentially still have many more years until death do us part, easily as many as 50 more! 10 years is so small compared to a lifetime. We still have a lot of years of growing, a lot of years for the enemy to attack our marriage, and a lot of years where things can easily go wrong. Really, we are still just rookies in the marriage game.

But I can say this much, the past 10 years have been really, really good. Like I could pinch myself some days because I really do feel like I married Prince Charming, and he swept me away and we lived happily ever after… or happily ever 10 years after.

There are so few things in our marriage that I take for granted. The fact that we had the sweetest, most romantic courtship is one of them. We had a lot of romance in the early years. One of my favorite memories is dancing to Copperline on the night before our wedding, and talking and dreaming about our future.

We may have started as lovebirds, but even before our marriage, we built our relationship and marriage on the rock of God’s word. I do not take for granted that I married a man who has a passion for the Lord and His word. Nick has seen me at my worst, and not only lived to tell about it, but still chooses to love me each and every day, as Christ loved the church.

Normally Nick and I would have planned a trip away, but since we have a nursing baby, we decided to just have a night out and do the trip later, when we can ditch all three of our blessings and really focus on each other. Right now we aren’t in a season of romantic love, but it’s very real love, and we find romance in every day things. I was so happy for a night out at a nice restaurant, ice cream and movie with my love. Nick was worried because he thought that I deserved or wanted something more, but knowing that my husband still loves me is really all I need. It was so nice chatting over the past 10 years, planning for the next 5 (because I cannot plan past that!), and just enjoying each other’s company.

I’m so thankful to be married to my best friend, hero and absolute most favorite person in the world. These past 10 years have been a great beginning to forever!





(My anniversary present was updated family photos! The bestest gift for a baby-mama ever!!!)

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