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Sunday, May 17, 2015

End of Swim

Isla and Gemma finished with swimming last week! I am so happy that we were able to provide the girls with quality swim lessons that put a high focus on safety.

Unfortunately Gemma is not swimming yet... and is also the farthest in her class from swimming independently. We are taking a break this summer, and she will start up again in the fall. She does make a decent surfer though :).
Isla is swimming so well after being in lessons for a year, but it's her least favorite of all of her activities so she won't  continue in the fall. She could use a little more time to improve her technique, but she was in so much this past spring, we really needed to cut some things, for her sake and mine. We all kind of agree that this isn't going to be her "thing", especially since the interest isn't there. She much prefers ballet and soccer.

I do want to include this fun little tidbit - her instructors measure them every month to see if they are developing a Michael Phelps physique. :) This is how they've grown over the past 9 months. 

Height in Sept - 41"
Height in May - 43"
Arm Span in Sept - 39.75"
Arm Span in May - 42"

Height in Sept - 30.5"
Height in May - no measurement 
Arm Span in Sept - 33"
Arm Span in May - 31.5"

Zoya will hopefully start next summer!

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