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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Zoya P. is 6 Months Old!

She’s actually closer to 7 months old, but who cares? Whose counting?

My plan is to record her stats, a few milestones, share a ton of pictures and move on. She doesn’t get much blog time, but this kid is a-dored with a capital A. We all pretty much live for for her smiles and coos. Except for Gemma who pretty much lives to use her as a chair.

Everyone thinks her eyes will stay blue! She’s my first with blue eyes like me. My big girls have hazel eyes like their daddy. I love their beautiful hazel eyes, but it’s exciting to have one take after me!


Here are her 4 and 6 month stats. (can’t find her 6 months stats so will update with those later like nothing ever went missing little 3rd forgotten baby…)

Height: 25 inches (65%)

Weight: 14 lb 5 oz (54%)

Head: 42 cm (69%)

Zoya has some adorable extra rolls and she looks chubbier to me than I remember Isla being, but she’s not in a super high weight category. I’ve stopped paying attention to those because they don’t seem to matter or even make sense some of the time!

Baby Fats!


Movement/Body Stuff

She is a LATE roller. She didn’t roll from back to tummy (the hard way) until 5 1/2 months and from tummy to back (the easy way) until 6 1/2 months. She did it backwards! I checked with her pediatrician who said that everything else looked good developmentally, so not to worry that she rolled so late. She’s strong in the core (crazy because all I see are rolls and cellulite). Her personality is just happy and content and gurgly. She’s never been a wiggler, just a cuddler, so I just think she didn’t care too much about moving.

Since then however, she has been moving and rolling all over the place! She can roll over to a toy she wants and reach for it! She’s so cute. Now I need to keep my floors cleaner.

She also found her feet in the 5 month range, adorable.

She’s all rolls in her core, so she doesn’t seem to be close to sitting up on her won. However she can lean forward and rest on her hands well if I sit her up.

Here is Zoya picking up leaves. I’m happy with her fine motor skills.



Zoya is so happy and content! We love her smiles.


Zoya is still the apple of Isla’s eye. However Gemma is going through a pinching, hitting, and scratching phase and occasionally Zoya is her victim! Sometimes Gemma will hit Isla or Zoya with objects.  It makes me so sad because Zoya used to grin when she saw Gemma coming. I’m working on Gemma, but in the mean time, I just can’t leave Zoya on the floor with Gemma around. She needs to be in her high chair or in my arms.

Gemma has also started sitting on Zoya. When she sits on Zoya’s back it’s cute and Zoya laughs. Gemma’s not much heavier than Zoya. However, she has also started stepping on Zoya. Arg.



I am going to try more baby led weaning with Zoya. She doesn’t seem to interested in food and with the way our lives are now, it will be much easier to just feed when and what I feed the big girls when she’s older. I have tried some purees, but she just isn’t ready. So for now she’s still just breastfeeding.

Her sisters however, have given her a taste of lollipop, which she loved. SmileIMG_7012IMG_7010


Zoya was sleeping through the night, but she is getting bigger, and since she is not on solids she wakes once from hunger every night. It doesn’t bother me because she goes right back to sleep and I do a lot better on less sleep than I used to.

I really cant think of anything else!

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