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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Soccer Star!

So we have become THAT family! The family that is overscheduled and stressed out. This all started when Nick suggested we enroll Isla in soccer for the spring. Isla is already in preschool on T/Th, swim on M/W, Awanas W nights, and ballet on Th evenings. Nick doesn’t ask for a lot so I said yes on two conditions. The first was that it had to fall on a day that we didn’t have anything happening – Tuesdays. And it DID fall on Tuesdays. And second Isla had to say that she wanted to play. Of course she did! So we signed up.

Soccer season only lasts 3 months, but it isn’t just Tuesdays, its also Saturday games and there is a skills camp on Mondays. In a way I am glad. Next year with homeschooling part time (more on that later), Nick and I have decided to cut way down on extracurriculars. Isla will stay in AWANAs, and she can do one other activity that she chooses. That is it!

This summer we are not doing ANY activities at all. I am really looking forward to doing nothing for a while. We have all been so tired since soccer started.

Anyway back to soccer!

Isla has only had 4 practices and one game. I was surprised at her first game that she didn’t jump in more, but she had only had two practices at that point. I’ve never played team sports, but I can imagine that it’s pretty overwhelming to try to listen to your coach, the referee, watch your team mates and the ball! I know she will just improve with time.

Her team is called the Starbursts… super cute name! And her soccer ball is pink. LOVE!

Here she is getting ready for her first practice. I have been learning a lot about soccer fashion. Like did you know that socks are supposed to go OVER your shin guards?


Here’s her first game.


An awesome daddy, with two of his beautiful girls!


Gemma had a meltdown because she wanted Isla’s water! She is cute so we keep her around.


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