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Saturday, April 11, 2015

She Fooled Me!

Look who sat up today! Was it not two days ago that I was saying that she was a long way off from sitting up?


Also, she was up quite a bit night last night. She would not sleep, but she cuddled so sweetly on my chest. I love these days! We woke up to fine her first tooth poking up. So no more gummy grin, but I am sure I will love her toothy smile even more.

Here are her 6 month stats. Her height came out as less than her height at 4 months. Her pediatrician just said, “That’s not right. They didn’t measure it right.” However she did not remeasure it so who knows how tall she.

Height: 24.8” – 19%

Weight: 15 lb 8 oz – 40%

Head: 43.0 cm – 66%

Zoya has us eating out of the palm of her hand! She is just the sweetest little thing, then again, so was this adorable little hellion once upon a time…

photo 2

<Sigh.> They get big so fast!

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