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Thursday, April 30, 2015

New Hobby–Quilting

Ever since Zoya blogging has definitely taken a backseat, and I have the blogging back log to prove it. I am even giving serious thought to shutting this down. Since I started, I have had at least 10 friends and countless other people I have stalked abandon their blogs, and I fear that I am about to join their numbers. It used to be such a fun way to keep in touch, but now I just feel like I’m a holding a phone and saying “Hello, hello, are you there? Can you hear me?” I only have one friend who still maintains her blog as best she can. It’s not that much fun almost all by myself. Blogging seems to be officially out. And I apologize because I’m sure my will-I-won’t-I debate on blogging is probably pretty frustrating to read.

My new hobby is that I have taken up quilting!  It started when I was trying to find sister-room bedding for Isla and Gemma now that they are sharing a room. There’s no rush because Gemma is still in the crib and Zoya is in the pack-n-play, but I just couldn’t find anything I liked, and I especially couldn’t find anything that was girly and RED and not terribly expensive. I have always wanted to learn how to quilt, but I just needed the motivation! Thankfully I have an awesome mentor and best friend (see here and here) who I have been calling up frequently to exhaust her quilting knowledge. For my first quilts, I am just keeping it simple, simple with a patchwork pattern of a rainbow heart.

Here is the plan that I made up on Excel. All of the colors will be different fabric pattern in the same shade. Emily has pretty much convinced me to use strips in a single white fabric around the heart.

rainbow quilt

It’s not difficult for someone who knows how to do it, but considering that I didn’t even know how to use my sewing machine before this, I am starting with quite the handicap. I have all my fabric and my equipment and even my station set up! So far I have enlisted the aide of another friend in town to come over to show me my how to use my sewing machine and I have been preparing my fabric and cutting my squares, which is pretty time consuming.

Doesn’t it just look like candy? I had a lot of fun picking it out, and Isla was a great helper! She loves to watch me work on it, and I have promised to teach her how to do it once I learn.


So that’s what I’m doing lately and I’ll let you know how it progresses!

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