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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Two Years of Gemma!

Inspired by my friend Melissa, no excuses… just diving right back into blogging like no break ever even happened.

Last week, our little teeny weeny spitfire turned TWO! This was her first time sporting a ponytail and I am a fan.


So this kid is amazing. And cute. And sassy. And naughty. And charming. And everyone, everyone should have a Gemma. Or maybe not because the kid drives me crazy. But then she turns around, flashes those dimples and gets away with whatever shenanigans she’s doing. Basically, she spends most of her day telling me “no” and then hauling bottom as far away from me as she can get. When I catch up with her, she turns around, smiles and hands over whatever contraband item she’s stolen and puts her arms up to be held. I don’t know why I even bother to ask her to do anything at all because she always does the opposite. Or if I say “Gemma, you are going to get a spanking.” She turns to me, dimples up and “panks” herself. Or sometimes she covers her bottom, smiles and says saucily “I don’t want ‘pankin’” Oh this kid. She’s a mess. She went from being the easiest baby of all times ever to a 2 year old so wild I can’t even believe it.


Right now she’s in very monkey-see-monkey-do. Whatever I do or Isla does, she copies.

She’s a tantrum thrower! Isla never threw tantrums or she tried once and I ignored it, she never tried it again and I thought I knew everything about tantrums and parenting in general of course. And I would love to ignore them except that she can make herself throw up in less than two minutes if she wants to! So although we don’t give her what she wants when she gets mad, we don’t ignore her because she just gets more and more upset and inevitably… blech.

If she wants something, she makes a mean, scrunchy face and uses an angry voice and says “I want juice!” or “I want me-mouse (mickey mouse)!” I remind her to ask nicely and say “please” and she will sign please. That’s enough about how bad she is because although she may ask rudely, she always says “dank you”, all the time, without being prompted and its so sweet to hear. I promise you if you saw this girl you would want to scoop her up and keep her forever.

She still loves cuddles and kisses and will ask for a “kees” or say “hold me”.

I love this picture. This was last week at the library. I took her to stoytime while Isla was in in school, and she walked right up to “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” and held their hands.


Her birthday present was a bike and a “me-mouse” helmet and two Caillou books. We started teaching Isla to ride so late, we didn’t realize that we could start much earlier. So as soon as the weather gets better, we are going to try to get her used to it.


Right now she’s really into Mickey Mouse, Winnie-the-Pooh and Caillou. Her favorite toys are her Little People toys, a Mickey and Minnie Mouse that she’s all but stolen from Isla, and several puzzles. She likes to play “amen” where we pray Smile and “ready, set, go” where I say it and she does her running thing over and over.

Gemma is still a picky eater, which is probably while she is so tiny; she’s just over 20 pounds. I refuse to feed her junk just to fatten her up so thankfully I have found some healthy foods she gobbles up and I still put whatever we are having in front of her at meals in hopes she’ll eventually start eating it. Here she is drinking a blueberry, spinach, flaxseed, banana and canned coconut milk smoothie.


At this age Isla was already working hard to drop her naps, and thankfully Gemma is an excellent napper and sleeper!  No night waking unless something is wrong like a true Babywise baby and she still takes 2, sometimes 3, hour naps in the afternoon (Hallelujah!). She never fights nap time and often is very relieved when I take her to bed or naptime. Still I am glad that she is still in her crib and hasn’t tried to climb out. She shares a room with Isla now and Nick will put a bottom bunk in when it’s her time, but for now her crib is just under Isla’s lofted bed. Zoya is just in a pack-n-play.

Now that Gemma is older and very opinionated she and Isla fight more, but I still love their relationship. They adore each other and are so quick with the hugs. Gemma will give Isla anything she asks for, sometimes Isla has to ask twice Smile, but Gemma always gives her what she wants. I wish that I had been quick enough to snatch a picture of when they saw each other at Isla’s Valentine’s day party, but they were so happy to see one another with big hugs.


Gemma is also pretty crazy about Zoya and loves to hold her, hug and and generally invade her personal space whenever she can. If you’ll remember when Gemma was Zoya’s age she would cry whenever she saw Isla, Zoya just grins through it all… I love it so much!

***UPDATE*** Gemma will also in her mean scrunchy, face say “My Zoya!” while giving you the stare down. Sometimes she will be gently rub Zoya’s back or head and say “my sithhhter (sister).” It is sooo cute.


We spent Gemma’s birthday at Great Wolf Lodge. It was Winnie-the-Pooh themed and it was just us and Nick’s parents. We had a good time, but it was so cold outside and they didn’t make it very warm inside and then the kiddie pool was closed all day Saturday so I was a little disappointed in the venue… but we still had fun celebrating our girl! I hope she looks back and is happy we celebrated her birthday at such a cool place. In general, I hope my girls look back and always feel as though we treasured them on their special days.


That’s pretty much it! I will probably update this post as I think of things, but we love every minute we spend with our Gemmy-Lou. She makes us so happy and keeps us entertained all day long.


  1. Happy birthday to your Gemma! Your girls are so adorable!! So, be honest, how is it having 3? I really want to have one more but I have to convince my husband...lol...

    1. Andrea, you MUST do it if you have the heart for it. Someone once told me that you never regret the children you do have, it's the children you don't have that you regret. Yet another person who had two children told me that if they had known their kids would grow up so fast they would have had another. Having 3 can be chaotic and tiring, but I am sooooo happy! I love having my daughters and I am having a lot of fun. The big difference is that it's hard to keep myself or the house looking "put together" with three. I always have a stain on my clothes or something like that, and we are always late for everything. But in exchange, I get to be cheek to squishy cheek with Zoya, and I feel so blessed and thankful for her. I'll be praying that Mike is easy to convince! :)

    2. Ha! My house is chaotic now and I only have 2! Regret...that's what I'm worried about down the line, like 5,10 yrs down the line, I'll regret not having that third baby, like I'll feel like I'm incomplete. We'll see. I'm so happy for you

    3. I'll be praying for y'all that you make the right decision!

  2. Oh LOVE her! This post actually reminds me so much of CG. Perfect, perfect, angelic infant, sassy little terrible two, but still always a great sleeper, and great napper and didn't fight it like both of the boys. (Connor doesn't nap any more, but when he was little). She is adorable!!! so much cute in one family!!

    1. I agree. We've received a jumbo supply of cute :).


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