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Friday, March 27, 2015

Quick Gemma Update

I had planned to get like 5 blog posts up during my hour on the computer this afternoon, but then I got into responding to many neglected emails and so I am just going to do a quick Gemma update and then I need to get busy on bedtime.

AAAND Zoya P’s 6 month post is just going to have to wait a little bit longer too, poor little third born child.

Gemma had her 2 year well check yesterday. Everything is fine with her development and her pediatrician… wait did I mention we had switched pediatricians? Let me check previous blog posts. Ok I didn’t.

So I need to take a minute to complain about life in a boom (maybe soon-to-be bust) town. When we moved here I called about 15 different pediatricians (not exaggerating), was put on several wait lists, and FINALLY was able to get into the girls into see a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, not even a Pediatrician. We liked her, but several things over the past 18 months made me unhappy with the office staff, practice and regular nurses. When I called to get Zoya in for her 4 month appointment they told me 1) that they were so booked that they couldn’t get her in until well past 5 months old. 2) They told me to take her to the HEALTH DEPARTMENT to get her shots and that they would do her 4 month check when I brought her in. Guess what? You cannot take your child to the Health Department for shots if you have insurance. I was a little ticked because we were leaving for Walt Disney World and this was at the height of the Disney Land measles outbreak – it was an entire country away and she can’t even get the MMR vaccine yet, but it still made me want to have all my ducks in a row before taking a vulnerable newborn to areas heavily trafficked by possibly not inoculated foreigners. I called several of the doctors whose waitlists I have been on for 18 months or more (rant: I don’t know why they have waitlists when they obviously don’t check them or follow up with them!!!! I know one doctor who has accepted at least 4 or 5 of my friends who called AFTER me, and who even had a short open enrollment period last January advertised by word of mouth that I didn’t hear about, grr Midland. If you have enough spots to do open enrollment, call the darn people who are on your waitlist, grr grr grr). Anyway, we heard about a brand new to Midland doctor who was also accepting new patients. BONUS: She’s a fightin’ Texas Aggie Smile. The new doctor’s office was able to get us in in just a few days with a NP so Zoya could get her shots and 4 month visit. We have since met with our new doctor and I really like her a lot! The new office is much nicer too with separate sick and well waiting rooms.

Anyway, the whole situation had me worked up into quite a tizzy, probably because I forgot to pray about it. Ever seen this guy??? Yes, it was like that.

Anyway, back to Gemma. We are really pleased with where she is developmentally and her verbal skills are very good for her age, especially for a second child. I wasn’t at all worried about her. I’m so pleased with her fine and gross motor skills, and any and all other things.

I was hoping her head size and weight were finally starting to meet in the middle but that was not the case. Baby girl just has a big old brain and a little teeny body. Anyways since this just seems to be her shape and size, the doctor wasn’t worried and I have stopped worrying. As Nick says, someone has to be in the 4th percentile. She’s growing and healthy.

  • Height: 33.3 inches, 28th percentile
  • Weight: 22 pounds 8 ounces, 4th percentile
  • Head: 19.44 inches, 90th percentile

Sometimes Nick and I call her Gollum because she’s so wiry and agile. We’ll stop once she knows what we are talking about, but scrambling all over me, the doctor, the chairs, the table and whatever else was in that office dressed just in her diaper, the resemblance has never been more uncanny. Not her face of course, her face is so cute! But that little skinny body had me thinking she was Sméagol himself.

Oh and these right here… totally Gemma. Sorry, I’m in a gif mood tonight.

And this one is pretty much how she dances! HA!

Ok, I’m going to stop comparing my cute little daughter to a scary former hobbit now.

Here’s some real pictures of our princess. We do love this little character, she is such a hoot.


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  1. Haha! You call her Gollum, that's hilariously perfectly adorably awesome, and slightly awful. I love it!! She is so adorable.


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