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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zoya’s Birth Story, part 2

So… taking care of 3 kids is hard and a lot of work! I never have downtime anymore… not that I am complaining because I am in baby/toddler/preschooler HEAVEN and pretty much I get kisses and hugs and cuddles whenever I want, but downtime has been limited so its just trade-off time. As in, what am I neglecting right now to get blogging done? Right now its laundry. Man my laundry lately has had a dryer to drawer turnaround time of at least 3 days, that’s if it makes it to the drawer!  So, what’s another hour…

Let me back up on September 12th to Big Sister Day! The night before I had made sure to remind Isla to come and check our chain and get the last link for Big Sister Day when she woke up. Instead I had prepared a banner and surprise for her. I had hoped that she and Gemma might be up at 7:30 when we left the house, but they weren’t so it was just the girls and Boo and Grandpa.

I also left them surprise big sister outfits out and a little toy to help pass the time because I knew that everyone would be bored and dying to come and visit us at the hospital.


The girls pretty much played all day while Boo and Grandpa worked to keep them clean in their Big Sister Outfits. Isla wanted to badly to come to the hospital all day.

IMG_0775Since my surgery was pushed back to so late, I would have preferred a little more time to rest up before the girls showed up, but it was all fine in the end. It was close to 7 before Isla and Gemma arrived! I made sure that Nick put Zoya in her “Baby Sister” shirt Smile before Isla and Gemma showed up! Its all about priorities people.


Isla immediately fell in love with Zoya and has been in love ever since!  Gemma was clueless, but I expected that. She mostly kept pulling out and putting in her bows. Here are some pictures that I shared on Facebook.


I love this picture of Nick and his girls!

photo 5 (8)IMG_0837

It was 9 before everyone left and since the surgery had been so late and I was SO groggy up until the girls showed up, this was my first time to really be able to share the news on Facebook and call and text friends.  So my apologies to everyone who was expecting a midday notice!

That night Zoya slept really deeply, and I couldn’t rest because I kept checking to make sure that she was breathing. So I finally sent her to the nursery because I knew that they would make sure she was breathing so I could get some rest!  However, I set the timer on my phone and thank goodness I did because at one point they kept her for four hours and I had to call her back.  NOT good for breastfeeding!  In fact they came and took her a lot and for long periods for evaluation throughout the hospital stay. At Gemma’s hospital they didn’t even have a nursery that you could send the baby to, and at Isla’s they brought her to me every two hours. Its just funny how laid back this hospital was about everything.

The next day was typical post c-section day day. I had to get out of bed and walk around a bit. The only new thing was a terrible pain in my shoulders… it was awful and I was sure that I had a blood clot or something. It turns out that it was caused by gas in my stomach! It is very common. The nurses gave me a concoction of Dr Pepper, prune juice and melted butter to help get things moving along (tasted like Saturday night at the movies) with some prescription medication… I also walked and walked and walked which is supposed to help with the gas too. Unfortunately I walked way too much and over did it!  By the time the girls showed up again that evening I was in a lot of pain.  Either way, I couldn’t win, get up and walk to get rid of the gas pains and deal with abdominal pain or rest and deal with the horrible pain in my shoulder!

Having the girls come back again was a welcome distraction along with the Aggie game that was on that night Smile. I love this picture snapped from my bedside!


Saturday night after the girls left, I had to break down and ask for more pain medication. This hospital did things very differently and instead of staying ahead of the pain with consistent dosing at consistent intervals, they sort of gave me medication based on how I was feeling. At this point, they added prescription Ibuprofen and increased my hydrocodone. I also cuddled with Nick in my hospital bed, which helped!  Zoya was once again shipped to the nursery between midnight and 8ish other than for breastfeeding and I monitored them much closer and called her back every 3 hours. She really slept well! I remember Isla was so fussy and they kept bringing her back so often, Zoya and Gemma were just perfectly newborn sleepy.

Thankfully by Sunday I felt 100% better. If you had asked me Saturday if I would be up for going home on Sunday, I would have said NO WAY! However, I felt so good Saturday, my IV was out and all I needed was oral pain medication at that point so I decided to go home. I would have liked to have stayed one more day just because hospitals are so peaceful, compared to a home with a toddler and preschooler, but I also hated being away from my toddler and preschooler!  So Sunday afternoon, we were on our way home Smile.


Next up… deciding on girly’s name!

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