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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Zoya’s Birth Story, Part 1

Phew, so we finished Zoya’s newborn photos today and also her baby poop turned yellow (which means she’s now getting a decent breastmilk), and with those two so very important milestones achieved, I feel like I can finally relax and really enjoy her and get to blogging and other nonessentials! Also, stressing over whether or not your newborn will be good for her newborn photos… biggest first world problem EVER!

Zoya’s delivery was originally scheduled for Friday morning at 10:00 AM.

On Thursday I went by the hospital to finish my registration and get blood work done, and find out what time they wanted me to arrive. I was told not to arrive later than 8:30 AM.

Friday morning, Nick and I drove to the hospital and we were so excited and ready to meet our girl! Unfortunately upon arrival, we received the news that our delivery had been bumped back until noon. Looking back on it now, I don’t know why we were so bummed about a two hour delay because it wasn’t that big of a deal except that I was hungry and the girls had been asleep when we left and I hadn’t been able to hug them one last time and other silly things that really don’t matter now… but we had been so buoyant and and ready to go and then we had to wait and it was a little bit of a let down.

Nick and I waited in the waiting room for a little while why they readied our set up and recovery room. We were able to chat with two dads whose babies had just been delivered that morning and that was fun. It turned out well for us because once our room was finally ready, we were put in a super nice LDR room. They brought us into it. I put on a gown and was strapped into a baby monitoring system and got rigged up on an IV. I had been having a lot of contractions in the days leading up to the delivery and it was fun to watch them on the monitor! Several of them were quite strong and painful, we were excited that Baby Shaka seemed ready to go too. Nick was so helpful and kept helping me with all of the equipment they had me hooked up to, which had to be unhooked and wheeled every time I had to use the restroom. Finally I told him that I was fine and could do it and that I didn’t need help. Of course on my way out of the bathroom that time I had toilet paper stuck to my foot, which received a prompt “But I thought you could handle it yourself…”

After that, all we could was hunker down and wait. And then we waited. And we waited. And we waited. At 11:20 our nurse came by and said that our Doctor had finally arrived and needed to do the c-section scheduled before us, but that ours would probably happen very shortly after that. So we waited some more! We finally cuddled on the bed and watched HGTV for a while and my stomach growled at every single food commercial. And FINALLY at 1:20 PM our nurse came by and said that the c-section was finished! That was a LONG c-section surgery. We later learned the back story to that c-section. The mother had previously had a large ovarian tumor removed while pregnant with her first baby and so had a large, vertical incision that had developed a large keloid scarring. Bless her heart! Our doctor takes his scars seriously and so he had taken extra care to make both her incision look as good as possible and also get rid of the giant keloid that had developed. It really made our annoyance at having to wait seem small in comparison.

After that, even though we were next, the Doctor and nurse needed to eat and get the OR ready again and then everyone just seems to move slower in West Texas so it was almost 3 before they wheeled me into OR to get ready for surgery. Here is Nick all scrubbed up! He wasn’t too keen on posing for me.

photo (49)

Thankfully everything went smoothly getting the spinal! I wasn’t nervous about the spinal, and thankfully my anesthesiologist was the second nicest I’ve had so that really made it even better. He kept making a lot of silly and mildly dirty jokes that normally would bother me, but they just kind of seemed to fit the light mood, and I liked that he interacted with me a lot as opposed to OR doctors that I’ve had that completely ignored me.

My friend Che had really impressed me with the importance of making sure that I had the birth that I wanted, even if it was a c-section. So prior to the surgery, I had made a decison to be very firm in my expectations and what I wanted. The first was that I wanted to wear my contacts. I had asked before but I had received some push back and let it go. This time I wanted to know why I wasn’t able to wear them and it turns out there was a small possibility that something could go wrong and they would have to tape my eyes shut. I didn’t think that that chance was worth the discomfort of not being able to see so I stayed firm and received permission to wear my contacts. I was also firm about wanting a belly binder put on me on the operating table. My doctor didn’t have much experience with them and said he would use surgical tape to bind my stomach, which I thought was a good compromise. At some point between then and the surgery though, he got a hold of the binder for me and also used it on the previous patient with the keloid scar. Later he seemed so excited by them and very proud that we were both using them! I think he may make it a best practice for his surgeries. Smile

The first part of the surgery went smoothly, and soon our little Baby Shaka was out! She was beautiful and at first looked so much like Isla to us. She was also smaller than I felt she had a right to be given the new stretch marks that I gained during this pregnancy, but I’ll forgive her for that. Her cry was so little and not strong at all, just a sweet little precious cry.

photo (48)

Unlike with Gemma, they had to take our girl away to the nursery until the surgery was over and my MANDATORY 1 hour recovery room waiting period was over. I had been so upset over that because with Gemma’s birth she was on my chest as soon as they wheeled me out and I am pretty sure I had Isla within an hour as well, but I had made peace with it. So I readied myself for the second half of the surgery, where they stitch me up.

If you’ll recall, with Isla’s birth I screamed and was in a lot of pain and was put under general anesthesia during this part. This is the hard part of the surgery and the surgeons are not gentle. Thankfully with Gemma I had had a spinal so I didn’t feel much at all and I had also asked for a relaxant to help me get through this part because I was so stressed about it. It was great! I felt relaxed and not anxious and I didn’t feel anything so I asked for these again with Baby Shaka. The anesthesiologist kept making a joke about waiting until I saw the baby before giving me the antianxiety stuff so that I wouldn’t forget that I had a baby. That was strange to me because I was completely lucid for Gemma’s birth and I didn’t understand, but I chalked it up to his joking. My doctor informed him that I didn’t even drink so to make sure to give me the good stuff! That’s not true, I’ll have maybe a glass of wine a few times a year, but I don’t get drunk, that is for sure.

Before I knew it, I was having an out of body, completely psychedelic experience! Straight out of that 70’s show, swirling colors, not aware of my surroundings acid TRIP! It was crazy. It turns out he gave me some derivative of PCP, which is a valid drug to use in those situations and I just had a bad reaction to it. It was really crazy. Needless to say, I will probably opt out of that part of the next c-section if we have a fourth. By the time I came to it enough to really understand what was going on, the surgery was over and they were wheeling me to the recovery room. I kept falling asleep, but as soon as I was with it enough, I asked for my baby so that we could start nursing. Honestly in hind sight, I was probably in no state to hold an infant, but the nurse brought her to me anyway! That whole time period is pretty hazy, but baby Shaka was born at 3:24 PM and they brought her to me a little after 5. Given how groggy I was, I could not have held her any sooner anyway, so the mandatory one hour recovery room wait, didn’t end up being such a big deal anyway.

Thankfully she latched really well immediately! They moved us to our hospital room and I was still pretty groggy. While I sobered up, we waited for Nick’s parents with Isla and Gemma to arrive!

Part 2 coming later…

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