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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

38 Weeks and Our Day in Balmorhea!

So, after being the easiest pregnancy of all times EVER, this one has really turned into a doozy the past couple of weeks! Although I am now mostly over my sinus infection and completely over pink eye, I started to feel really achy and nauseated yesterday and now I’m running a low fever and also… losing my food to put it mildly! It’s not fun, but it’s ok. We will get through this, and I am really proud that I managed to get the girls to their swim lessons today, make 8 freezer meals and dinner, fold a mountain of clothes, get the recycling sorted and to the curb on time and get all 3 of us ready and to my eye Doctor’s appointment on time. I did relax with some Tylenol during quiet time and just read… even though after 2 weeks of being pregnant and sick my house is as gross as it has ever been! Cleaning it will just have to wait. Oh and I was up all night with contractions! Thank goodness for warm baths or else I would be so miserable.

Also, tell me, is this not the CUTEST newborn onesie you ever saw? Even with the rough couple of weeks, I do love my littles and I am so looking forward to meeting our littlest baby princess. I get so happy thinking about it, I just have to make it through the next 8ish days.


This past weekend was Labor Day weekend, and after two plus weekends of everyone or at least someone feeling sick and gross, we wanted to do something fun. Nick suggested we go to Balmorhea on Sunday. At first I resisted because I was 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, but then I started to get excited about the idea of making a little day trip and doing something fun with Isla. Plus I have been crazy emotional, and Nick has been working to keep me busy because I am happier when we go out and do things instead of mope and wait for baby.

Side note: I wouldn’t even cross the Causeway Bridge over Lake Pontchatrain after week 36 with Isla! Now I am making all day excursions out into the dessert. By Baby #3, I am not even remotely worried about going into labor early since I never have!

Balmorhea is a desert spring that the Army Corp of Engineers turned into a beautiful, giant swimming pool. Because it is spring fed, there are little fish and turtles that live in it, and it is deep enough to attract a lot of scuba divers. It then flows into a little river that flows into a local lake.

Here are some pictures that do it justice stolen from Google images! We actually visited last year, but I never blogged about it. It’s really lovely and such a nearby treasure.


One thing we have learned on all of our trips is that the less I plan, the more fun we have! We just come up with a lose agenda and go from there. So our plan was to get up and get going as early as we could, stop at Wal-Mart and then head to Balmorhea, which is about 2 hours away. Well, you know how things go with kids! We didn’t even arrive until 12:30 PM, and there was a 1 to 3 hour wait to even get into the park. When we finally got in, the park ranger informed us that this is their busiest weekend. Now we know for future reference!

We thought about going home, but we took the opportunity to teach Isla and Gemma about a little word that begins with P… not, not planning, but perseverance! We waited in that loonnngg line for an hour and a half and we finally made it into the park Smile.


Also, you know you have a mama’s girl on your hands when your 18 month old would rather sit in your ever shrinking lap rather than pretend to drive! We love this little cuddle bug pipsqueak so much!


Anyway, once we got in, we swam to our hearts content! It was SO hard to swim being so pregnant so I mostly stuck to the sides. It’s very slippery at the bottom and also it gets very deep in many places, so it’s best to bring a float. It’s also coooolllddd, but very refreshing once you get used to it.


After her first time in the water, Gemma was a little bit traumatized. She crawled right into her stroller and refused to get out. She did much better our second time around in the water!


We brought along a watermelon. It’s just not a trip to Balmorhea without watermelon!


Oh and here’s a throwback Wednesday! Gemma trying her first food, watermelon, at Balmorhea last year Smile.


We really thought Isla would do the high dive, but she was too scared! I don’t blame her. No way would I do that in one million years.


Nick did it though!


Isla did really well off of the low dives!


We had such a wonderful day and I am so glad that we were able to make it work out in the midst of all of our sickies and have some last minute fun, fun, fun before Baby Shaka’s arrival!


  1. hate that you have all been sick, glad you are feeling better. The big sisters are adorable, and OMG baby princess shakalaka lace soooo soon!


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