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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Fun: Kickin’ It in the Backyard

Believe it or not, I am married to a man who loves to do yard work and other filthy, hard, manual outdoor labor… seriously, who likes hard manual labor? He loves to mow, clear brush, garden, you name it, he does it and relishes in it! I would love to pass on all of my housework to a housekeeper if I could, but Nick would never dream of letting anyone else take care of his yard but him.

Nick and I loved having our giant yard in Louisiana. Nick did such a wonderful job of turning it from a barren, swampy mess into a very pretty yard, and he also built the pergola and did a lovely job too! Probably our least favorite thing about this house is that we have a teeny, tiny little pocket of yard. That’s just kind of true for all of Texas actually, everything is bigger in Texas… except for people’s yards. Far from being ungrateful, it’s nice to have something of a yard after 2+ years in a city apartment, and while we wish it was bigger, we know that there is always a chance that in the future we might find ourselves in another location with no outdoor space so we are enjoying it while it lasts! We also really love our back patio, and have been spending many an evening after the kids are in bed just sitting out there and talking. Evenings are so lovely and cool in the desert.

We are definitely enjoying what we have! Also as a side note, even though we have always bought established homes that are at least 5 years old, they never have mature trees! We always plant them. One day would love to have a home with a nice shade tree. Just one.

Isla and Nick playing ball.


Cute little chocolate face!

photo 5 (6)

Nick always has a garden going wherever we live, not matter how little the yard. Isla really loves to check on the garden with her daddy, I’m so glad that he is teaching all of us how to “live off the land.”  Somehow we had a big pumpkin vine growing out of our compost pile, which is strange, but understandable since that’s where our Halloween pumpkin ended up. But then we had another vine with three pumpkins pop up and take over part of our garden. We have no idea how that happened. We are leaving them because we can’t wait to see how big they get and what they turn into.IMG_4128

Also, what’s summer without POPCICLES!


Buckets of ice, a fun little sensory activity. Maybe I need to get these girls in on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!


Love these two!


Resisting the urge to put the cutest little nekkie pic of Gemma up! Smile

We are SO thankful to have a little yard to run and play and eat popsicles in! We have really enjoyed our summer evenings out here.

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