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Friday, August 15, 2014

Summer Fun: Bingham Center!

All last year, I had had big plans to try open gym at the Bingham Center, but we never got around to it.  Bingham Center is a dance/gymnastics/creative play place here in Midland, and on Fridays, they let the kids come and play, play, play on all of the equipment and trampolines for a small fee! The best part is that mornings are just for kids 5 and under, and older kids get to go in the afternoon.

We have been able to go twice this summer and my little girls loved it! I love that Gemma can play too, although I have to follow her around and watch her like a hawk or else she gets hurt. Isla I can just let run free! Today I took Isla because Gemma wasn’t feeling well and it was Nick’s Friday off and he wasn’t feeling well. So my two sickies stayed home and cuddled and Isla and I went. We had planned to met up with my neighbor Dawn and her two girls and of course, since it’s Midland, we ran into other people we know, including Isla’s best little male friend (I refuse to call him her boyfriend), who she calls “her little Blake”!

Here are few pics from our times there!

IMG_3859IMG_3866IMG_3875And today without our Gemma.

photo 1 (20)photo 2 (19)photo 3 (15)

One of Isla’s June activities was to attend a Frozen themed workshop here! She loved it and so I signed her up for Bingham’s two hour class in the fall that included Sports (no idea what that is), Gymnastics, Tap/Ballet, and Cheerleading. Yes, cheerleading. For a four year old.

It turns out cheerleading is a huge deal here with small children going to competitions and joining companies and everything. This makes sense because we are in the Permian Basin and football is HUGE here. Remember Friday Night Lights? It’s based on Odessa’s football team and it’s no less big in Midland. Anyway, Nick and I were a little bit squeamish about letting her do cheerleading because of course we were picturing this…


Um yeah, not exactly what we have been dreaming for our beloved first born! However, it was so nice to be able to just drop Isla off and have her do so many activities at once and this was a part of the package. Then we really thought about it, and we realized, it’s 30 minutes a week and that our daughter is a) LOUD b) PERKY c) and TOUGH, what does that sound like to you? While we don’t plan on pushing the cheerleading thing, this would really give her a chance to engage in an activity for 30 minutes a week that allowed her to be herself and played to her strengths. We were reminded to parent the child we have, not the child we want.

BUT then we decided to enroll Gemma and Isla in swim lessons in the fall and we decided that including this would entail spending way too much money on children's’ activities.  So I yanked her out! We will just have to wait until later to get her into gymnastics, sports, and ahem (maybe never) cheerleading!

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