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Friday, August 29, 2014

Baby Update, Baby Mama Update, Stroller Update

So first baby…

I had an OB appointment on Monday and everything looks great! My doctor says I’m all baby. He also says that this one is easily close to 7 lbs now and likely to be a chunk. His comment was that he was glad we were scheduling a c-section because he didn’t think she would fit!  Although you never know, this was the sentiment of Isla’s Doctor before I went into delivery with her, the one who let me go 30 hours and 10 cm before her c-section because I wanted a vaginal birth so badly, and also not an experience that I am even remotely wanting to happen again… so needless to say, every day I feel more and comfortable with our decision to not try for the v-bac. Especially given that I got pregnant less than a year after Gemma’s birth. Gemma’s scheduled c-section was so pleasant and such an easy recovery, I know a c-section can be a wonderful birth experience, and I am looking forward to Baby Shaka’s debut! We are down to just two weeks…

Baby Mama…

I mentioned in my previous post that I was feeling run down, which was code for cold symptoms, meaning that since last week I had had congestion, achiness, a slight fever, and a terrible cough. In my book, a cold is rarely a big deal and I never take medicine for it. That’s just the way I was raised. My OB took one look at me on Monday morning and gave me a list of medications to take along with an antibiotic. I thought it was overkill until later that afternoon when whatever bacteria was infecting my sinuses got into my eye and I developed double pink eye. Fun. It got really bad, and I decided to visit my eye doctor as well. That’s why I never finished my stroller post. I needed to get some rest and get that mess all cleared up before I could do much of anything else. So it’s been several days of medicine, including eye and oral antibiotics, chloroxing everything so no one else gets sick, and also taking Tylenol PM at night so that I can get some rest! I am feeling much, much better. My house is a mess since I’ve had no energy, but I feel better!

And for our new stroller (drum roll please)…

We have purchased the Baby Jogger City Select!


I feel like I should first address the elephant in the room in that yes, this is probably our 5th or 6th stroller that we have owned.  And people make fun of me for it. People who are constantly making financial decisions that I would never make and who IMHO have no right to judge me.  We don’t have any debt but a small mortgage, and if I want to spend our money a stroller that works for us, then I’ll do it.  I am not a big person, and I don’t like carrying around fussy 2 year olds or dealing with runaway toddlers. For me, the right stroller means freedom and less stress on outings. It’s the most important thing that I purchase with kids.  We have had some major life changes in the past 4 1/2 years since we became parents. I went from a US suburban mom of 1 to a Russian urban mom of 1, who traveled frequently internationally back to a US suburban mom of 2 to now a suburban mom of THREE, with 2 of those three under 2! As our family make up and living situation has changed, so has our stroller needs. So, there! Haters gonna hate… and I’m just gonna shake it off!

(Side note: You know you’re pregnant when a Taylor Swift video makes you cry! I mean, seriously, I loved all of the “normal kids” at the end, just shakin’ it off. Sometimes that is all you can do when the haters hate. I hope my precious kiddos learn that lesson. I also don’t make a habit of watching Taylor Swift videos, in fact that is the first I’ve seen, but just kept hearing so much fuss about it that I wanted to watch it for myself.)

For the past year, we have had a Joovy Caboose Ultralite. First of all, I love the Joovy brand for their innovation and quality. They are also now carrying the Joovy TwoFold, which is US version of the Micralite TwoFold! As you know, Micralite is my all time favorite stroller brand, we loved our Toro and I will NEVER, EVER get rid of my Micralite Fastfold Superlite. They stopped distributing in the US for a while, and while I was pregnant with Gemma, I gave serious thought to planning a trip to the UK just to purchase the TwoFold, but ultimately it wasn’t the right stroller for us.

Also, I really think that I should get a finders fee or something for connecting Joovy and Micralite and for inspiring the TwoFold sit-n-stand design… note that this email of mine to Micralite is dated November of 2010!

micralite inquiry

Ok, I digress, but the point was, we’ve had a Joovy Caboose Ultralite since right after Gemma was born and I have not loved it.  Mainly because Isla never loved it. On paper it was perfect! I never want strollers with more features or weight than I need, and this was all we needed. Unfortunately, it was not all that Isla wanted.

Remember this reaction the first time I used the stroller in public?

isla crying

Well, Isla’s attitude towards the stroller improved somewhat, but she never really took to the stroller. Every chance she got, she would jump into the front and I would have to direct her back to the back. Also, this is the only stroller I have owned that didn’t lay flat or almost flat for newborns and I never felt like Gemma was really comfortable, and that I was always forcing it to work for her age. It did get better the older that Gemma got, but still, we never loved it for OUR purposes. I still love the stroller, and think it would be perfect for other families, but we didn’t love it.

So pretty much as soon as I found out I was pregnant with Baby #3, I wanted to move onto our next stroller. Here were my criteria:

  • Needed to accommodate 3 kids in some fashion.
  • Have a high weight threshold for any second/jump seat.
  • Tandem, although I might have changed my mind for a really awesome side-by-side. I just don’t want to struggle in stores to get through racks and aisles and doors.
  • Have the ability to accommodate a newborn in the flat position.
  • I was not concerned about weight. With our current lifestyle the stroller is mainly transported in the car, so I don’t worry about carrying it plus toddler the way I used to.
  • The right price! Although I know the Bugaboo Donkey is awesome, I just couldn’t help but think we would find something that met all of our needs for cheaper because seriously… $1200 for a stroller???
  • Good wheels. I just couldn’t take another stroller with non off road wheels the way our Caboose did!
  • I also kind of wanted a bassinet. I went back and forth on this one, but I’ve just always wanted one for a newborn.
  • The ability to reverse seats.

It basically came down to two strollers, although for a spit second, I considered the Valco Baby Tri Mode Twin SE with the jump seat, and a Phil and Ted model even though those will not work as a triple.

The first one I considered was the UppaBaby Vista.


  • It handles like an SUV! Seriously, it is so smooth.
  • So stylish and comfortable. I would have felt so cool pushing this stroller.
  • Can convert from a single to a double to a triple (using the glider board).
  • Big basket, even with the rumble seat.
  • Smallest footprint of the two options.


  • The rumble seat does not recline, so no using it for the new baby.
  • The rumble seat only goes up to 35 lbs so Gemma would have been the one in the non-reclining rumble seat.
  • Expensive, and more than I was comfortable paying.
  • Only one configuration in double and triple mode.

The second stroller considered was the Baby Jogger City Select.


  • Like a bazillion combinations and configurations.
  • Big basket!
  • Both seats can hold up to 45 lbs so Isla could still ride in it for a while if needed.
  • Can convert from a single to a double to a triple (using the glider board).
  • There are also some configurations where you can recline both seats for naps, a MUST with Gemma still being 18 months old.
  • Relatively inexpensive! I ordered last years model for super cheap. The only changes between 2013 and 2014 were color changes and all of the 2013 models were on clearance!


  • I heard that it doesn’t handle smoothly in all configurations and weights.
  • Looks a little goofy as a single.
  • The footprint was larger than I expected, but manageable.

We ultimately decided on the City Select, both because of price and also because of the two full sized seats that could be reclined at the same time. We actually purchased this in February and have been SO THRILLED with it! When we first purchased it, Isla was so excited about having a full sized seat. She was still 3 remember! As we moved closer to summer, I just stopped using it, and we primarily used our single Micralite (remember, never getting rid of it), and Isla never really noticed because the places we went, she wouldn’t have needed or wanted to be in a stroller anyway.

In early August, I ordered the car seat to go with it, a Maxi Cosi Mico and I also decided to splurge and get the bassinet. Unfortunately, you have to take apart the second seat to put together the bassinet, and I did that the minute it came in because I wanted to see how it all worked. Isla took one look at it and said “But where will I sit?” Then before I could say anything, she immediately regrouped and said “It’s ok, I can walk! The new baby and Gemma can ride in the stroller.” Phew. Crisis averted. I also reminded her that she was a big girl and could ride her bike, I haven’t even bought the glider board for her because it’s $60, and we will probably never use it. I know this was an option I wanted, but now I don’t think we will need it. I’m very proud of my big girl and the wonderful big sister she already is and will be.

So that’s what we have right now. I will probably do a better review once I have my two littles in it and I am using it more regularly. As of right now, I am so excited about it and I am pretty sure that we picked out the perfect stroller for now Winking smile…!


  1. I can't believe Isla will still sit in a stroller! Jake stopped getting in one around age 1 when he started walking and never looked back. A pro was that it made me teach him how to stop at intersections and stay on sidewalks but that was a stressful few weeks :).

  2. She hasn't really spent that much time in a stroller in a very long time, but she still wanted the option up until recently. She really hasn't acted out in any other way so we just indulged for a while. She was a runner when she was a toddler though, like Jake. I'm so gla Gemma isn't like that! I couldn't take another one.

  3. I have many friends with that stroller and they are very happy with it as well! Thankfully Graham does anything Peyton does so we haven't needed to buy anything new this time besides a car seat adapter for a single stroller! We too have a couple of strollers :) and John would have lost it if I asked for another one!

    I also wanted to mention a wonderful meditation/play off of hypo birthing CD I used. You can purchase it off of iTunes and it is called Hypnosis for Caesarean Delivery by Breek Taylor Molyneaux and it also has some meditations for recovery and for breast feeding. I listened to them in the weeks prior, in the hospital and at home and I feel it helped make my birth experience really wonderful this time. I also made a birth plan for my caesarean. The first two times I felt like I couldn't and because it wasn't a vaginal birth I couldn't express my wishes and desires. This time I felt that I had just as much as a right to a birth I wanted (and the fact that I was in a foreign country and needed my needs clearly expressed) and wrote out a detailed birth plan. This was by far the most enjoyable, positive birth experience I have had.

    Sending you lots of love and prayers!

    1. Well Nick almost lost it :), but we really didn't have anything that would have worked with two little girls age gap, and he quickly came around. He is making me sell my Caboose. I have a hard time letting go!

      I will definitely download that cd. Thank you for the tip! I have spoken at length with my Doctor about what I want... but we will see. I wrote out a detailed birth plan with Isla and everything went wrong. I am praying that the few things that I care about will happen without difficulty. I will talk to my Doctor about a birth plan.

  4. Oh I'm jealous!! I hope it is wonderful for you!!

    1. I knew you would be! You are welcome to come and push my babies around in it anytime :).

    2. I may have to take you up on that!! :)

  5. First off, what matters most is that you are happy and at peace with Shaka's birth. It sounds like you have that, so tune out everyone else.

    Second, we have a Baby Jogger City Mini and love it. Great quality and engineering. Very satisfied. I am looking forward to hearing about how you like the one you are getting!

    I won't lie, I am really looking forward to finding out what you name this baby. Matilda has her 1 month appointment the day she is born, and I am counting down to both!

    1. I am :). It used to bother me a lot when people gave me "the look" over a scheduled c-section. Now I just brush them off and usually try to rile them with some comment along the lines of "It's just so convenient." Hehe, they hate that.

      It's good to know you love your City Mini! I hear nothing but wonderful things about the brand.

      And maybe don't look for her name on the 12th. We really are so stumped and also indecisive that she could easily be over 24 hours old before we name her. We are hopeless!


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