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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Fun: Trips to the Library

July really feels like the start of our summer. I planned so many structured activities for June that I didn’t really have to worry about filling our schedules and finding things to do until July. We are having a blast! Our mornings are filled with either swim lessons, play dates or little activities that I find around town. Then we come home for lunch and quiet/nap time (naps for mommy included!). Our afternoons are usually a little TV (30 minutes) or play time in the play room and then dad comes home and we go for walks or to the pool or just hang in the back yard! Note – no time for cleaning or errands…

I have a mommy confession – Nick is gone this week, and right now afternoons are Too Much TV Time as in I let Isla watch for 2 hours or so. I just need a little something to help absorb that energy. This is why I limit her TV during normal times – so that I don’t have to feel guilty when I really need it to help me get a breather. Like right now being 7+ months pregnant in 100+ degree heat without Nick, I need a breather!

We are so lucky to have Midland’s Centennial Library very near our house. Nothing is very far in Midland, but this is very close and its such a fun, nice new library. We have been going since right after we moved here, and we absolutely love it! Story Time is at 10:30 AM, which includes songs and movement exercises, then the story, followed by a themed craft, and then the staff brings out these huge building blocks that the kids can climb on and use to build things. It is very cool and free, and I am so glad that we have this resource!

One tip that I learned by accident – it gets SO CROWDED in the summertime. I can’t believe how crowded it gets. I accidently switched my days and I showed up for Spanish Story Time on off days, and it was much less crowded! Isla is taking Spanish in school and I speak decent Spanish so we just go on those days and beat the crowd, and as a bonus, expose Isla and Gemma to a foreign language. Isla kept asking a lot of questions, and don’t think that the reader appreciated a little blonde gringa interrupting and asking questions in English… but most of the kids were speaking English with their obviously immigrant/native Spanish speaking parents so I stopped worrying about it after a while. I think it was the interruption she minded more than the English! But that’s just what kids do, or at least my kids, they ask questions about the story!

Dancing to Spanish songs before story time!


Gemma mostly just wanders around and then moves from Isla’s lap to my lap!


A fun little tent activity with “snow” after the story (no pictures of actual story time for some reason).


Craft time! Isla is so slow and meticulous at this activity, she is always the last person done and I usually have to move her along before she’s done because the library workers are cleaning up. I usually spend craft time chasing Gemma around and keeping her out of people’s hair… oh boy, what will craft time look like when Baby Shaka comes!


The giant blocks! These are SO COOL! The kids always have a lot of fun crawling all over them and building structures. I always make sure Gemma has one or two away from the big kids so that she can enjoy her time at the library too.


Queen of the Hill Smile.


After that, we usually head home with a stack of books! We are allowed to bring up to 30 or so home at a time, but I limit Isla to 5, otherwise we would lose some.

This is such a wonderful resource, and I am so thankful to have it! Smile

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