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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Fun: Cousin Blake and Zoofari!

I know that one thing that I complained about Midland is that we didn’t have any family here… BUT, I did fib a little bit because we have been so blessed that my first cousin Richard works in Midland every week and commutes from Houston. We have been able to have him over quite a bit and we love it! We get to see him far more than we would if we lived in Houston.
Sometimes Richard brings his son Blake with him, and Blake comes and hangs out with us. Blake is such a good kid, and even though he’s 15, he doesn’t complain that he has to hang out with his little second cousins or his big, boring 1st cousin, once removed! Earlier in July, Blake had a baseball tournament in Lubbock and so he spent several days with us hanging out and then we were able to attend one of his baseball games. We watched the game for a bit and then I took the girls over to the softball field and Nick stayed to finish watching the game. The girls and I had SO MUCH FUN running the bases and playing with a random soft ball that we found!
After the game we took pictures with Blake. He seemed so happy that we came to his game Smile. You can’t tell, but he’s a redhead… Nick and I have redhead genes on both sides and I keep hoping we’ll end up with a ginger… maybe they will pop up with Baby Shaka?  On a related note, Blake is 6’2” and still growing, his dad is 6’2”, and I have another first cousins who is 6’4”, another who is 6’1” and several other tall cousins… where does all of this height come from and how come I didn’t get any of it?
One of the days that Blake was here, we went to the downtown library for Zoofari. We didn’t know what Zoofari was, we just saw it on the calendar and showed up, but it turned out it was a lady who travels all over with 6 or 7 exotic animals and shares them with kids.  It was very cool. She had a kangaroo, a parrot, and several other very exotic animals, I was very impressed… (I wish I could remember what they all were, that’s the peril of not blogging in a timely manner!). The crazy thing is that she had all of those animals, herself, her 3-month-old, and her mom in ONE hotel room!
Isla was pulled up onto “stage” with her friends Kaylinn and Hannah to dance to “We like to move it, move it!”
LOVE this video, I could watch it all day long. Girlfriend knew just what to do. Smile

We were able to pet a lemur from Madagascar on our way out! It was very cool. I have always wanted to go to Madagascar. I looked into going on one of our R&R trips from Russia, but the flights alone were over $10k… maybe when our ship comes in!
It was so fun to go to Zoofari and even more fun to get to hang out with our adorable cousin Blake!

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