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Friday, July 18, 2014

Father–Daughter Date Night!

Every so often Nick and Isla go out on a little “date”, and when Gemma gets a little bit older, she will get special nights with her dad too!  This week Nick asked me if it would be ok for him to take Isla to the ice skating rink in Odessa’s Music City Mall, and of course I said yes. It was the perfect thing for them to do together just the two of them as there is no way I can do it right now and Gemma is still too little.

Nick and I both thought that they would probably get out there and Isla would fall a bunch, get cold and they would be done in 30 minutes. To both of our surprises, they went out onto the rink at around 6:30 tonight and I didn’t get a text that they were heading home until after 9!

Isla had so much fun ice skating like “Caillou”, and she definitely improved as the night went on.  She came home and showed me all 25 of the videos that Nick took of her one by one, and there was definite improvement! She also asked me if I would come and watch her ice skate some timeSmile.

On their way out, Isla came out of the laundry room with the hat on herself. She also wanted to bring her brush – makes sense, who doesn’t need to do a little primping on a date night?


Dinner at Fuddruckers.


At the rink!


I don’t often publish videos, but here she is at the beginning of the night!

And by the end Smile.

Such a cutie pie! I’m so glad the she and Nick were able to go and have so much fun.

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