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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Biker Chick

Nick has been dying to teach Isla to ride her bike for a while now. I had bought a bike early last year from a garage sale, and it was too big for Isla for a while. By the time she grew into it, we realized the training wheels were broken and it just took us a while to get them fixed.

Well we finally fixed the wheels last month and Nick has been working with Isla at least every other night with her to teach her how to ride the bike! I am really proud of her, when she first started, she would peddle a few feet and stop, peddle a few feet and stop, and the want to quit. We ran into this problem trying to teach her to ride her trike or her scooter and we could NOT keep her motivated to stay on it. She would very pleasantly tell us “Oh no mom and dad, its ok, I’ll just go and … (do something else)”. I think being able to ride along side her dad on his bike helped. Now she is going long distances and getting much better at steering and controlling the bike on hills. We are trying to do family walks/rides almost every night to keep her practicing and getting her muscles used to the motions of riding a bike and balancing.

Nick has also made a rule that “we always ride bikes on Saturdays!” So Isla gets so excited when he reminds her its Saturday. They are pretty cute.

Hopefully by the next update and the end of the summer… the training wheels will come off!


Also, because I feel like I could use some extra levity lately… anybody remember this classic moment? Smile


The older I get, the less funny that movie gets to the point where I can’t believe I ever liked it… however this “biker” moment… gold. Pure comedic gold.

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