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Monday, June 30, 2014

Third Trimester

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I am now 28 weeks and change with Baby Shaka Smile. That picture is from her 19 week ultrasound. My mom pointed out that in the previous picture I shared there was an arrow pointing to her nether regions… truthfully I hadn’t noticed or thought about it, other than that was the picture that said “girl”. My mistake.  So sorry baby Shaka for not protecting your privacy. Here is a shot of your beautiful profile and perfect round head!

There isn’t much to report. This pregnancy has been ridiculously easy. I would describe it as asymptomatic so far, except that I can feel a baby moving around in my stomach and I keep bumping into things. I never thought my previous pregnancies were hard per say, but definitely there was some discomfort as every stage. With this one, there hasn’t been anything except for the hot feet, but that hasn’t even been so bad that I need to keep a permanent bucket of water by my bed like I did with Gemma. And of course I play musical beds/couch every night just like with my previous pregnancies! For some reason I wake up and can’t go back to sleep unless I make Nick switch sides with me or I go to the couch where I immediately fall back asleep. Its weird, but it could be so much worse. I go in next week for my glucose screening.


I am in full nesting mode, more so than with the last two. The funny thing is that none of the nesting is around getting Baby Shaka’s things ready… she’s our third girl, we already have everything we need and we know what we really need! For her first three months, all she really needs is a bed, clothes, diapers and me to nurse her, and all of that is ready already, god willing I can nurse her like I did my first two. Like my last two, she will be in our Nap Nanny until she can roll out of it. I realize that it was recalled, which is sad because it’s a wonderful product and one that I could not live without. We will be using it per instructions, on the floor, not in a crib with a bumper.

We are working to get the playroom in order, the living room, our closet and any other little projects that I have let slide over the past year. I am anxious to tackle things, but wary of letting things sit half done for too long so I am actually being smart about not starting projects until I can finish them quickly. Thankfully Nick has a four day weekend this week (yay!) and my mom is coming this Saturday to spend eight days with us! Hopefully there won’t be much left to do after that and I can just sit and twiddle my thumbs.

Fall Routine

I have also been getting our fall routine in order, and figuring out what the girls will be doing so that I can organize our Baby Wise routine. I’ll be writing it up in a spreadsheet as soon as I can confirm everything Smile. I know Baby Wise is not for everyone, but it works for me and helps me be a better mommy. I do much better when I have an idea of what our day will look like. I hope that I get another baby like Gemma who sleeps 12 hours a night at 6 weeks, but even if Baby Shaka is like Isla and doesn’t get there until 3 1/2 months, that’s fine. Every child is different and every one works at their own pace; Baby Shaka isn’t a robot and we will have off days and even weeks, just like I did with the other two, but I’m happy that we will have a flexible routine to work off of.

I had not planned on continuing Isla’s swim lessons in the fall, but Nick came to a lesson and he was so impressed he wanted to get Gemma in. She will be eligible once she is 18 months in August. We talked it over, and we weren’t sure at first. Then one of Nick’s contractor’s sons drowned the day after Nick met him, and he found out the day after we learned that we could enroll Gemma at the same slot as Isla… and well that sealed it for him and me. It was so sad. Before Isla and Gemma are even taught to swim, their instructors focus on not drowning and getting to safety and how to act in an emergency.

This change up actually works so much better than what I had originally planned! It means that Isla will only be in preschool T/Th from 9 to 12, and then we will leave from there for swim and be home by 1:30/1:45ish so that Gemma can go down early for a nap. Before Isla would have been in extended care from 12 to 2 and Gemma probably would not have been able to nap until 2:30/2:45ish, which feels too late to me. I don’t know what I am going do when Isla goes to kindergarten next year with TWO afternoon nappers at home, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. Isla will definitely do Awanas on Wednesday nights and maybe do dance on Monday mornings, but that is still up in the air. I’m SO glad that Gemma is able to do an activity!

That’s pretty much it! Bless little Baby Shaka, being the third and already knowing what to do with her, she does come across as a little bit of an afterthought since we have to get everything arranged around her, but I know once she gets here, she is going to be the center of everyone’s world for a time. We already love her so much and are so looking forward to her arrival!


  1. How is it that you are already in your third trimester!?! Time seems like it is flying by! I was the same with Shiloh with nesting like crazy around house stuff….but I will say it was worth it as it has made life a lot calmer and easier once Shiloh arrived and we have really been able to just enjoy this newborn time and not have tons of other stuff to do. Wishing you a continued healthy and easy pregnancy!

  2. I am super nesty as well. Whoa. I can't seem to stop doing projects around the house and it feels so good! Hey, at least it is a productive urge. I also feel like it is less about nesting for the baby and more about getting other things done so that the focus can be on baby. Isn't time flying?

  3. Che - this has gone by so quickly! I thought it would be awful to be pregnant in the summer, but it has really helped with the waiting because there is always so much to do in the summer! Thank you for everything.

    Meg - you and Che are right! This is definitely about getting ready so that we can focus on Baby Shaka when she arrives. I never had to worry as much with the other two, but this time, with two other littles and Gemma being so young still, I feel like nothing can be crazy beyond the kids or I will go crazy!


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