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Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Swim Lessons!

Isla had her first swim lesson today! We have been on the waitlist for these lessons since October and signed up for two months so we were greatly anticipating them. There are two other places in town that offer swim lessons, the YMCA and the City of Midland (COM) Aquatics center. We heard that lessons at the Y were not very good, and COM would have been fine, but none of the times available matched our school schedule. Besides, this place puts a heavy focus on avoiding drowning. They teach water survival for kids and do several lessons where the kids are all in their clothes.

The instructor said she did really well, only we are NOT to let her use arm floaties ever again! I was so proud because she was so brave and independent around pools before this with her puddle jumpers on, but apparently it was just another mommy fail. He said it will take the first month just to train her to keep her feet UP (his words: standing position = drowning position)… needless to say I signed her up for lessons in July too! I don’t know how long we will continue these lessons because they are expensive, but I think we can manage through the summer at least. Things costing a ridiculous amount of money if and when they finally come available just part of living in Midland… that’s why we’re paid the big bucks to live here (oh wait, we don’t get paid the big bucks to live here…)!

photo 1 (8)photo 2 (7)

Isla did GREAT (from my perspective), she listened to her instructor and didn’t cry, which we had been warned that most kids cry their first lesson. I wasn’t worried because she’s not like that, but you just never know!

Gemma on the other hand…

photo 4 (4)

Yes, it was like that! I don’t know what got into her because she is usually pretty content in her stroller. She screamed in the stroller, she screamed when I gave her a snack, she screamed when I gave her a sucker, she screamed in my lap and when I held her and walked around! She screamed almost the entire lesson! I don’t know what got into her other than there was a little boy taking his lessons who screamed too, so maybe she was taking her cue from him? Anyway, she has her mommy/daddy and me lessons tonight so we will see how she reacts when its her turn in the water! She doesn’t really tolerate physical discomfort well so she very well could scream for those too! We will just have to see…

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