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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sixteen Months of Gemma!

I had meant to do this last month at 15 months, but oh well, better late than never!

Gemma had her 15 month appointment about two and a half weeks ago and here are her stats…

photo (33)

She’s still TINY with a big head for her big brain! Ha! She is really so smart though. (BRAG ALERT!) I think a lot of it is just that I notice more than what I did with Isla. With Isla I was so busy worrying about her, and not spending enough time just enjoying her and noticing all of the things she was doing. And I am REALLY enjoying Gemma at this age!

Signing and Communication

After she turned one, I started to get really serious with encouraging her to sign, and one I got serious, she got serious and picked up everything really quickly. She very rapidly started signing three word sentences, like “Eat more please!” and then she would point to the fridge. She will also tell us if she needs to poo poo or if she has poo pooed… TMI maybe, but its really cute. For example, she will tug on her diaper, say “oo oo” and then sign “change”. Or just say “oo oo” if she hasn’t gone yet. Nick has started throwing her on the potty quickly when she does that… I admit that I am less quick to do that. While she may be ready for potty training and be one to easily potty train, I am just a little jaded after Isla, who was really hard to potty train… and with the new baby coming, I just don’t know if I can be as consistent as I need to be.

My favorite is when she does her form of “juice/water/drink” (all are one finger to her mouth) and then says “thhhhh” for a drink of juice or water. She is also very good at saying her version, of “Mommy, Daddy, Isla, Frodo, uh no, NO, book, ball, bite, baby, eat” and several others.

The other day at bedtime I asked her “Gemma, are you ready to go night night?” To which she replied “DOH! (no in Gemma-speak)”. I wasn’t sure so I said and signed “Do you want to go to SLEEP in your BED?” Then she looked at me and very forcefully said “DOH!” It was very cute.

Sometimes when she is tired she will come up to me and sign “bed”… which is amazing and awesome!

I will say that she goes through periods where she overuses one word. For example, for a while “more” just meant in general, “I want”, even though we work on please. Then that stopped. Then I realized this week that she was using “eat” to replace “please” for “I want”. We still work on please, but at this age, whether she is using the correct “please” sign or just something else that I recognize as “I want” they all really translate to “GIVE IT TO ME NOW!” That would have stressed me out with my first, but I know she will move past it.


Gemma is a happy baby, but much more prone to dramatics and melt downs than Isla was. I never understood why people bought their daughters shirts that say “DIVA” or talked about their “diva daughters” when they were so little… to me those are bad things and why would you speak those words over your daughter? But now I realize that I was just being a little judgey… because although I would not categorize Gemma as a “diva” just yet, she definitely is sensitive and dramatic, and I don’t know where that came from other than just being a part of the personality God gave her. She is pretty sensitive and can start crying over very small things, like someone dropping something or a mild bump. Mostly we just laugh at her and kiss her through it though. We think its funny, but its definitely something to watch as she grows.

She is seriously so cute and cuddly though! If she finds a lap, she will sit in it. We love that about her. She loves to just lounge on you, which we also love. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cuddles. She is also very free with the kisses.

I know that I said once before that she was shier than Isla, which is not entirely true. Although she does not want to be held by other people, she loves to grab people’s attention. She has this perfect little prom queen wave and says “hi” to anyone and everyone where ever we are.

Gemma is also starting to mimic everything we do, and its so cute. She tries to put on my shoes for me, put on her own shoes, put on clothes, wash her face, wipe the table, etc. Its out-of-control CUTE! She also loves babies. She cuddles them and kisses them and signs and says baby its just so sweet.


I don’t know what to say about Gemma’s eating. Some days she’s good. Some days she’s bad. She also has a tendency to throw her food on the floor, which we work on constantly, but with no luck. I know its something she will grow out of though. I am reluctant to take her food away when she throws it down because we work so hard to get her weight up and she doesn’t seem to mind not eating. Its also weird because if Isla liked a food, she liked a food, but Gemma will like something, then not want it, not want it, like it again, not want it, like it again, like it again… whatever. I just generally give her whatever we are having with some modifications.

We did find out that she LOVES hamburgers. She is a baby after her Daddy’s heart! She still loves our “milkshakes” or what we call our fruit/green smoothies so that’s very comforting. She also loves oatmeal, grilled cheese, and grapes. Everything else follows the pattern above, including amazingly delicious crowd pleasers like strawberries or cheese!


Gemma used to be a light sleeper, but she has started sleeping much deeper than before. We even had a HUGE thunderstorm the other night that she slept right though. She’s sleeping 12 hours at night and 2 to 3 hours at nap time.


Gemma loves swim lessons! We are looking into getting her into swim lessons in the fall at the same place that Isla takes lessons at the same time as Isla. Its very expensive though so we need to sit down and go over our budget, but I would LOVE for her to have an activity in the fall.

photo (34)

She does tend to prefer swimming with me over Nick though. Nick tends to be a little more rough, which works great with Isla’s personality… not so much with Gemma’s!

That’s it for now! These update posts are so hard because she is doing SO MUCH and I know that I have left out a bunch… but seriously, she is the sweetest little thing and we get such a kick out of her! Also, I LOVE that she has inherited her Daddy’s dimples… that will get her out of much trouble as she gets older… already does Smile.


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