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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Problem Solved! We solved the problem, problem solved!

My nesting is kicking into full gear these days! Every thing that has ever bothered me about our house and furniture arrangement is getting changed in these coming months before Baby Shaka’s arrival. I just cannot handle clutter, mess or disorganization right now.  Today, the first problem area was fixed!!! HOORAY! It was an easy fix, which is why it is done, but its one step in the right direction.

When we moved to Russia, I bought this shoe bench and coat rack. It was perfect for Russia because 1) its cold and everyone wears jackets and 2) everyone takes off their shoes when they enter a house. When we moved back, we had the seemingly perfect spot for it, and so I painted it yellow to better match my color scheme and that was that!

However, this spot has been driving me bonkers! Everyone always drops their things in that general region. On the bench. On the floor. People seldom hang things on the rack anyway… and the SHOES! No one ever even puts their shoes away and then Gemma loves to go and grab shoes and spreads them everywhere in the house. No one can find their shoes these days. And its also right by my only dining area and formal living area and I would just like for things to look pretty right there. I remember Isla doing it and it driving poor Agnessa crazy… I thought it was cute then! I feel kind of bad now that I would just laugh…

This is what I see on a daily basis. On this particular day, Gemma pushed the drying rack out of the utility room so that was out too.

photo (30)photo (29)

I considered several other solutions in that general location before I realized… I just needed to MOVE our shoe and jacket storage away from that location, preferably into a place where I could shut the door, and we need to have a specific place for everyone’s everything so that people know where there shoes are supposed to go and not just on the floor near the shoe storage!

After thinking it over, this is what I came up with and I am SO THRILLED! I just ordered a KALLAX unit (formerly EXPEDIT) from IKEA with 4 cubes for shoes/accessories – one for me, one for Nick, one for the girls and one for hats/scarves. I love the idea of having a box for hats/scarves because those also always end up all over the house. Plus the laundry room is right by the back door, so its not like people will have to go far to drop off their shoes. It came in today, and Nick and Isla put it together.

Side note: Isla’s favorite thing to do with dad on Nick’s Father’s Day questionnaire was to help him build things. They are really cute building things together, and its such a great exercise for her. He is so patient and lets her do all of the Allen wrench work, which is great for her fine motor skills. They also count out all of the pieces that come in the box, perfect as a real life counting application.

All that’s left is is to add labels because I know that everyone having their own spot to put things will make them more likely to follow the system, and best of all, I can shut Gemma OUT so that she cannot get into our shoes and spread them everywhere!

photo (31)

A few months ago, we also started the most amazing SOCK SYSTEM EVER!!! We have a ridiculous number of odd socks, and our pile was just growing with each load of laundry, and it was so frustrating! I found this system on the Babywise Mom blog, but basically everyone has a zippered mesh laundry bag that they put their dirty socks into. Then I wash and dry the bag with the socks inside of it, and then match and fold them so quickly and then put them back into everyone’s drawers. That way we never have any odd socks, and I don’t spend forever matching and folding them. Only now where to put the dirty socks in the meantime? Nick has been putting his bag on our dresser, which is a solution I do not love. Now everyone can just put them in their bin with their shoes! Awesome and perfect!

I’ve asked my mom for an accordion coat rack for my birthday and everyone is going to get their own pegs for ONE jacket/sweater and a bag/backpack, which will hang on our one free wall in the laundry room. Since its not jacket weather now, I am not in as much of a rush to make this happen.

accordian rack

That’s where I am and I am so happy to have ONE thing crossed off of my list! Hooray! Blood pressure just got a little lower…

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