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Monday, June 9, 2014

Post the Blog Forgot: Oh, Canada! Nov 2012

Its been a week since I blogged! I have so much to blog about and I really had intended to get in at least 3 more posts… but I just get to the evening and I’m too tired blog or I try during the day and kids are not having it when I put on the TV so that I can try to get some quality time with my laptop!

I just want to get this one out though at least. It was just a quick long weekend trip for Nick and I, and it was really sweet and fun. We did a very similar thing for out trip to Scottsdale, I accompanied Nick for his training, but this time we took it and we turned it into a long weekend. We left Isla with my mom, and it was so nice to have a little trip with just the two of us, especially with all of the craziness happening with the pregnancy and the move that we had recently found out about!

I had been to the Calgary/Banff area in high school and then when I worked for Big Oil Co, I also had a project in Northern Alberta and so I had to travel quite a bit to Calgary. I really like the area... all of the cattle and oil and gas make it sort of like the Canadian Texas (or to be fair, Texas is like the American Alberta). Nick had never been to the area so I was excited to experience it with him!

Now I have always wanted to stay at the Banff Springs hotel or The Fairmont Hotel at Lake Louise, but it just cost too much for us to justify it. Instead we stayed at the Rocky Mountain Bed and Breakfast in Banff, and it suited us just fine except for one thing… those were the worst beds EVER. Oh my goodness, they killed my pregnant body! We were in the apartment above and I switched beds at least three times a night. It was great though because it was within walking distance to downtown Banff and all of the great shops and restaurants. We also were able to see Skyfall at the little theater, which was being filmed while we were in Istanbul earlier in the year! We never go to the movies anymore, and its such a treat when we can go.

We missed Isla so much! I was only gone for 3 full days, but we Facetimed her as much as we could.

Also it was COLD! I mean duh, it was Canada in winter, but I hate cold weather. I will never be a skier or an outdoorsy person in the cold.

We did some very mild hiking at Lake Louise. We set out on a 2 mile trek, but it was HARD in the snow and slippery and we had to be very careful since I was 6+ months pregnant, but I’m glad we at least gave it a shot!

Goofy selfie!


Exploring Banff. At the top of the gondola in Banff by the Russian flag.



I love rivers! Oh to live on a river like this…


I love this man!


One day I’ll get to stay here! And hopefully not when I’m pregnant so that I can enjoy the hot springs Smile.


Last day of mild hiking… somewhere near Banff Smile.


And after that, we headed back to the airport in Calgary and back to Houston to be with our baby girl!

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