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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Songs About Texas

“I sing songs about Texas, I sing them often as if she were some old lover, I used to know,

wish I could follow them back to the homeland every time I hear
one on my radio.

Twin fiddles playing in my memory, my daddy sang the wonders
of an old cow town,

silver haired and he's still there, under a sky so warm and

I tell you friends there's a song in every town.”

Songs About Texas, by Pat Greene

So, through the ups and downs of living in Midland, there is one very big UP, and that is… at least I am in Texas! No matter how much I love “wandering” and enjoy living in other places, I just can’t imagine calling any other place my forever home. Pretty much once every few months when I am living elsewhere, I put on “Songs About Texas” and by the time Pat belts out “I wish I was stowed away on some fast moving train… GOING HOME!” I am in total tears.

“Well it's nothing short of the gospel hymns,

I guess that's why folks keep
writing 'em when I die, I want to go there too,

some day I hope to walk along
heaven's street,

and I'll still be looking for my taco meat and I swear I hear
a steel guitar rising in the air.”

In fact one time I dreamt I died and that heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart with weeping to come back to Texas; and the angels were so angry that they flung me out into the middle of the meadow on the top of the Thistle Patch; where I woke sobbing for joy…

Hehe, I kid, I kid… but you get the idea, I love Texas!

And apparently Texas is the place to be right now! Everyone is discovering its secret.

For starters EVERYONE is moving to Texas!

And apparently once you get here, NO ONE wants to leave!

I get it, it’s a wonderful place to live. There’s a lot to do. There is a lot of state wide pride. Thanks to conservative politics, people can actually find decent jobs. The cost of living is fairly cheap and there’s no state income tax. I’m glad that people are discovering the secret, but I’m also a little bummed because it is starting to feel crowded… maybe it’s a secret I’ve been wanting to keep to myself!

If you are not familiar with Texas, for a quick humorous description of Texas in all its glory, I’ve included a brief clip from the hilarious movie Bernie… in case you’ve ever wondered where our Tex meets our Mex Winking smile.

So now that you’re acquainted with Texas, I have a little confession to make… I have never really liked any part of Texas other than Houston/East Texas! Nick and I love trees, and north Houston is the gateway to the Big Thicket and the piney woods of East Texas, and there are a lot of trees! We always used to say we wanted to settle down there someday. The closest we’ve come is our time in Louisiana, which had a similar landscape.


I remember telling people that I loved Texas, but West Texas just didn’t even count. It was so flat, ugly and treeless. 

Well foolish me, there’s something I failed to realize… as Texas gets flatter, the sky just gets bigger and bigger. Now I am not a nature person at all, but I think that the sky out here in Midland is just breathtaking. Truly God is teaching me that there is nothing He created that is not good and beautiful.

Just take a look at the sky…

2aFoster-Jerod-5852 (1)

So, I stole those pictures off of the internet, click on them to find where they came from, but that’s pretty much what I get to experience on a regular basis. Sure some days are cloudy and overcast, but most days I just stop and worship. I know people think that they have pretty skies where they come from, but its like God just made this country to showcase this part of creation. There’s nothing to impede the view and it stretches out in front of you and behind you and all around you for ever and ever… I hate it when people tell me Midland is ugly… because it isn’t. Its just a different kind of beautiful.

Now, even though we are farther from Houston than we were in Madisonville (Lousiana), somehow because its still Texas, we get called home to Houston far more than we ever did when we lived in LA. So we have also been able to drive through and get acquainted with central Texas a little bit better, and it just might be my favorite part! Now this is where I want to settle down and buy land, but Nick is still stuck on East Texas.

I LOVE THE HILL COUNTRY! I like that its rugged and not overly lush, but still still lovely. There just a part of my heart that loves cowboys and the wild west that it appeals to. My dream would be to live on a river in the hill country.


And those rivers… LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


My Uncle posted this picture on Facebook on Friday, its of people tubing the Guadalupe river over the weekend, and even as crazy as it was… I wish I could have been there tubing!


There are so many little patches between Houston and Midland that I love to pass by!

Caldwell is really close to College Station, and I really like it… this could be Nick’s and mines compromise location, and best of all, its close to the Fightin’ Texas Aggies. Like any good Aggie, we would love to retire close to Aggieland. We never really paid attention to Caldwell until we lived in Midland.

Caldwell land

This picture is from a Zillow listing… if only we were rich enough to buy it NOW.. sigh.

I also really enjoy the Brownwood area. Its not green, but again, its that rugged beauty that I so enjoy.

We lived in Dallas for a while right after we were married, and I can’t lie, its not my favorite part. And Nick is from exactly where the “Tex meets the Mex” in Corpus Christi and has no desire to go back! So we don’t love all of Texas… and of course, I don’t think we’ll be staying in Midland longer than we need to, even with all of its attributes.

We both greatly love the San Antonio area, and if Nick were to leave his company, that’s probably where we would try to end up. Its our favorite Texas town – it has everything. Its rooted in Texas history and home of the Alamo, man made attractions, natural attractions, I LOVE the Texas / Mexican cultural fusion, and of course the lovely River Walk… I really want to move there! Hehe, well actually, we don’t know what we want to do… we have a lot of ideas though!


And sadly, we have not ventured up to the Panhandle to uncover its beautiful secrets, but I do think we are going to try to do a trip to Palo Duro canyon sometime soon.

images (1)

And next year we would like to visit Big Bend National Park.


There are just so many little pockets in Texas that I enjoy! Its so nice to get better acquainted with the state that I love so much, and I’m so thankful to be from such a beautiful place, with such a rich history and culture!

“When the night is real real still, swear I could hear a whippoorwill,

she knows there's music in the dirt down there,

hill country rain is a cleansing thing

and all I have to do is see one, sitting in a shallow creek got nothing to do.”

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