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Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother’s Day 2014

This past Sunday was the sweetest Mother’s Day yet! I don’t know why it was sweeter than other Mother’s Day, but it just was. It could be because it is the only one that I have been pregnant for, but I don’t know. There have certainly been slower Mother’s Days with bigger or more thoughtful gifts and less rushed plans, but this one just made me so happy and thankful for my husband and kids.

Words of affirmation and gift giving are probably my two biggest love languages, so Mother’s Day is a day designed by corporations just for me and thankfully although these two love languages are not Nick’s strong areas, he tries to remember to do something on Mother’s Day and I appreciate the efforts he makes. One of the things I miss the most about working were my regular performance reviews where I would be told by my supervisor what a great job I was doing along with areas of improvement (but mostly good stuff!). I really craved that feedback and it motivated me to try harder. Its so hard not hearing that I am doing a good job as a wife and mother, and I am constantly doubting myself.  And I’m not going to hear that from my kids! Who knows if I’m doing a good job until they are grown, and as I said, words of affirmation are just not Nick’s strong area. On the flip side, words of complaint are not a strong area of his, so all in all I count my blessings! However, I’m kind of thankful that there is day that forces everyone to let me know I’m appreciated. I know that makes me sound terribly needy, but everyone likes to be appreciated every now and then!

Nick actually had to leave on an 11:30 AM flight for a work trip so he was going to be gone most of the day, plus we were in Magnolia and not home. I was actually in my parents’ bed (got pregnant uncomfortable, moved the couch and my dad found me and made me move to his spot on my parents’ temperpedic mattress). I woke up excited to see my kids and so I went out into the kitchen where my mom informed me that Isla and Nick were planning a surprise for me so I had to go back to bed and pretend to be asleep!

Nick, Isla and Gemma “woke me up” with a present and this little picture. It got some water damage between now and when they made it and was rolled up for the trip home, but it was so sweet. It has both the girls handprints and little hearts for all the girls (not one for daddy), including a tiny little heart that says Shakalakalace on it. I think the tiny heart is what did me in!


The present was actually one that I had gone to Williams-Sonoma and picked out with Nick. It was just a couple of fancy gold pans that I have been wanting for a while (they are the most awesome nonstick pans ever!). Of course I knew how it was bought but I asked Isla “Did you get mommy a present?” Isla “No, Daddy bought it.” Haha!

Then we had to get up and give my mom her present and get Nick to the airport. I can’t even explain the sweet feeling that it left in my heart, but it did. I am certainly one blessed wife and mom… I will never understand what I did to deserve the family I have.

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