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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

***Happy Belated Memorial Day! I am so thankful for our men and women in service, including many who are in my family. While I am blessed to never have lost a relative, I am praying that those who have lost loved ones found peace and joy this past weekend in the honoring of our fallen.”

We had a quiet weekend at home this weekend… it rained a lot and we had quite a thunderstorm! Having lived in many sub tropical/tropical climates including the Golf Coast and Venezuela, I loved our regular monsoons; I missed them, so this was a welcome change to Midland’s dry desert climate. Unfortunately the rain meant we couldn’t go to the pool, which we haven’t done yet this season. Boo. As far as we could find, there weren’t any Memorial Day activities and it seemed like everyone in the city was gone. We just have to work on being happy with just us in the house to entertain ourselves!

I have had several woodworking projects in the pipeline for Nick to accomplish, and he asked me to bring one out over the long weekend! I pulled out a Rainbow Rocker project that my mom had sent me in January. I wanted it to be one of Gemma’s birthday presents… and it is, only 3 months late!


This is the picture from the Ramblings from the Burbs blog where my mom found the plans! Nick went to Home Depot to get the materials and quickly pulled it together Saturday.

Here’s our version! I think it turned out very nice and the girls LOVE it! Besides rocking in it, Isla turns it over to make it into a hill or turns it on its side and makes it a counter where she takes food orders Winking smile. I didn’t have the neon food coloring, and thought I could mix from the gels I have. That is my one regret. The colors are nice, but not as nice as the ones above, and I could NOT get the purple right. Also the bit to make the pocket screws was $100 so Nick just did regular screws, and they are fine.

Here it is! Nick did a wonderful job, I love being married to a handyman. I think this is one of those pieces we will save for our grandchildren to use.

photo 1 (7)photo 2 (6)

Other than that, we just hung around and played inside and I did a little deep cleaning. Nick and I watched all of True Detective and it was really good… very dark and a little icky in parts, but very good.

I have also run out of bookcase real estate and I have been hunting high and low for a new one. My friend Crystal told me about a couple who owns the White House Table Company here in Midland and they do custom designed furniture and also knock off furniture for much less than the name brand. I met with Leslie and we went over a couple of designs that I like from Restoration Hardware and Ballard Designs and she is going to get back to me with some quotes! I am very excited, I moved all of our kid books into our old bookcase, and moved that bookcase into our TV/play room and they almost fill it up! And I bought a Sam’s Club bookcase that has all of my paperbacks and it is in the guest bedroom so all of my beloved classics in hardback are back in boxes. I can’t wait for them to go into their new home! The new bookcase is probably going to go where the white chair above is pictured.

That’s it. Just another quiet weekend in Midland! Tomorrow morning I drive to Abilene to meet Boo and Grandpa who will take Isla back to Temple where she is going to spend the next few days and then tomorrow night, Nick, Gemma and I will be on a plane to Spokane, WA! I am very excited and it will be a welcome change from Midland.

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