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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Isla’s 4 Year Well Visit

Isla had her 4 year well visit today! By the way, I booked this appointment in February for after her 4th birthday (4/15) and this was the soonest they could get her in!!! Midland is so resource constrained right now. I’m just thankful that I managed get my girls into a PNP that I trust.

Height: 41.25” (~75th percentile)

Weight: 40 lbs (~80th percentile)

This is the face we have been getting when we ask Isla to smile… girlfriend’s a total ham!


Those percentages are not from the Doctor, I had to Google them so they might not be accurate, but that feels about right me based on a visual comparison of her with her classmates. Isla is one of the bigger, stronger kids in her class! 

Her PNP and the nurses took a urine sample (weird), checked her vision and hearing, and also gave her two vaccines (MMR and Chicken Pox).

Side note: We vaccinate. That’s a tough one because its so controversial right now. I think every family should do what they think is best. I feel like it’s a crap shoot either way, but the odds of something going terribly wrong are more likely if we don’t vaccinate, so we vaccinate. I would never discount the anecdotal stories I hear from other moms, but for us, this is the choice we’ve made, and we are happy with it… but I’m not going to lie, I get a little nervous every time my babes get stuck with that needle!

Isla took the shots like a champ, and was very excited about her band aids and managed to negotiate 6 extra band aids as a parting gift. She keep telling me that “If so and so [me, Cookie, Gabby] get a bobo, then she had a band aid for us!”

The PNP gave me a questionnaire to help jar my memory on any developmental areas where I might be concerned. I am always a little worried about her fine motor skills, which our PNP checked and said she was maybe a little behind, but it was nothing to worry about. She commented that Isla is very verbal for her age, so that she may be behind in some physical areas… so true, she is smart and strong, but she is very uncoordinated! I work with her, but fine and gross motor coordination are areas where I have always worried a little bit.

I also asked about the Dr. OZzzz melatonin and chamomile supplements that we give Isla and our PNP said that it was fine and that was usually her first recommendation if patients had issues sleeping. I was relieved because everyone loves them, including Isla and it has made bedtime so much easier. It has greatly reduced the bedtime stress that we have experienced for the past 4 years and Isla loves not tossing and turning and not being able to fall asleep even when she’s tired!

We also had an appointment with her preschool teacher a couple of weeks ago to see how she felt Isla was doing and how Isla had progressed for the year. Thankfully she said Isla is a good student and seems to be progressing in all areas right along with her peers and that she didn’t have any major areas of concern other than Isla doesn’t really ride tricycles well!  We already knew that. We bought her a trike when she turned 3, but she gets frustrated easily and its hard to keep her motivated. She has done the same thing with her scooter, which she asked for so I thought it would be different, but after a couple of minutes, she gets discouraged and gives up! I’m not too worried, but I wish that I could keep her motivated. However, her attention span and obedience to the teacher were good, which were the two most important points to me. I always make sure to remind Isla to listen to her teacher. One of my pet peeves are kids who are rude or disrespectful with their teachers, and I firmly believe that attitude starts at home.

Another area that I asked was how Isla’s energy seemed at the end of the day compared to the other kids. A lot of the kids are still napping, and her teacher said that while some of the kids are falling down tired, Isla still seems raring to go on most days. I am beginning to think its time for Isla to get rid of quiet time since it rarely turns into naps, however I still need quiet time so I may turn it into TV or book time so that I can have a little time to recharge. She also said that Isla loved to play with the boys and that she’s faster than all of them on the playground! That’s so true, Isla is my little tomboy, however when she hears me say that she reminds me that she’s “not a boy, she’s a girl.”

Anyway, I love going to our PNP and hearing that Isla looks healthy and good and that there are no areas of concern! I’m so thankful for my big, healthy girl!

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