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Thursday, May 1, 2014

20 Weeks with Baby Shaka

So here we are halfway through! Its hard to believe how quickly this one is going, but not really… I have two little girls to keep me very distracted!

Doctor Switch

So one thing that really stinks about living in a boom town is that all of the resources are really constrained. Finding and getting into good doctors can be really difficult. I got really fed up with Midland Women’s Clinic and I decided the stress wasn’t worth it and so Nick and I decided to switch OBs. Basically the first doctor that I saw is notorious for being late and making his patient wait for hours. My first appointment I arrived at 12:30 PM and I didn’t leave until 5 PM. My second appointment I arrived at 1 PM and I waited for OVER TWO HOURS in the waiting room without having been seen before I had to leave to get the girls. I left in tears because seriously, all I wanted to do was hear my baby’s heartbeat!  Waiting for hours might have been fine before kids, but now with sitters and friends and Nick watching them for me, I really need a place where they run relatively on time. I expect some delays with an OB, but not every time and not hours upon hours.

I asked to switch to another doctor at the clinic and there was one accepting new patients… however he couldn’t see me for 3 weeks because that place is so overbooked! That would have put me at 21 weeks before my second appointment, my first was the one at 10 weeks… and everyone was ok with this! Doesn’t sound like good prenatal care to me, especially with my thyroid issues.

I was also fed up with the phone system and the complete disorganization of the office. Let me give you one real life example of trying to change an appointment. I called 12 times one morning, got a busy signal every single time. I called at 1:15 PM only to receive the after hours phone message (that doesn’t mention the length of their lunchtime FYI, and I have received this message between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM so I assume that’s how long they take lunch.) I called at 1:35 and finally got through to a person who put me on hold for 20 minutes. When they finally got around to me, the main receptionist said that she wasn’t allowed to schedule OB patients’ appointments and redirected me to another person, Sharmi. Guess what? Sharmi wasn’t at a her desk and so I left a message. She called back right when I couldn’t get to the phone for like 5 minutes and left a message for me… but do you think she left me a direct line or an extension to her? Of course not, she left me the same phone number that I had been dialing all morning long! I ran into that problem again and again, often the phone would ring forever and no one would pick up or they would put me through to someone and their voice mail wouldn’t switch over… it was so annoying.

Also we heard that the hospital Odessa is much better and we had heard some distressing things about the hospital in Midland…

So after many, frustrated crying sessions, we have switched doctors to a doctor in Odessa and we are very pleased with our choice. Honestly, this brought back one of the main reasons why I wanted to be in Houston – I had specifically told Nick that one of the reasons why I wanted to stay in Houston was because I had a wonderful OB there and I wasn’t too keen on having a 3rd c-section with a 3rd doctor… but here we are, making the best of it! I just wish that our first choice in Midland had been better and hadn’t stirred up all of those negative emotions from last year. I’m sure pregnancy hormones didn’t help the situation.

Baby Looks…

Healthy and good! We will have the results of the blood test to check for down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities at our next appointment as well as the detailed review of the big ultrasound. We are praying she is healthy, but we are not worried whatever happens and will welcome Baby Shaka however she comes! She’s our baby girl, no matter what. I loved seeing her little heart with all four chambers Smile.


I am starting to feel some movement, although not as much as I would like… could this be my calm baby? Its such a sweet feeling and never, ever gets old!

Oh my fiery feet…

My poor feet just continue to heat up! I am now to the point where I have to get up several times and run them under cold bathwater before I can fall asleep again. Also, everyone in the house has to suffer through freezing nights because I turn the AC so low. We are quickly getting to the point where I will need to keep a bucket of water next to the bed in order to fall back asleep. I feel like a cartoon character! I swear if I stuck my feet in snow, steam would rise up!


Sleep isn’t terrible although I had a night with RLS the other night… and of course there’s the bathroom visits at least 5 times, along with the hot feet. Also my left hip has been sore, so I’m not sure what’s happening there. I find that I need to go to sleep a lot earlier than usual to make up for my night time disturbances. I am not a good mommy if I stay up past 10:30 PM.

Energy is lower than I would like, and I really try to get things done in the morning because I am pretty worthless in the afternoon. I don’t really need naps, but I take little rest sessions about 30 minutes in length, once or twice a day, where I just sit and rest my brain, my body, my eyes and that helps me get through the day.

Weight Gain

I gained TEN POUNDS between my 19 week appointment and my 10 week appointment. That is unheard of for me. I weigh what I weighed when I went in at 39 weeks to deliver Gemma! I never wrote this on the blog but when Gemma’s doctor was cutting me open she was like “You are so skinny!” Me: “Me?” Gemma’s doctor: “Who else’s insides am I looking at?” I will be treasuring that memory forever now because it will probably never be repeated!

I don’t think that I am eating much different from my first two pregnancies however I refuse to worry about it until Baby Shaka arrives. It may have something to do with my thyroid although all of my measurements are coming back ok… or maybe I am just eating more and I don’t realize it! Either way it gets me down for a bit, but then I can’t stress about it or not eat when I am hungry. I’m so thankful for Nick who seriously never makes me feel anything less than beautiful and desired. He’s just the best!

Random Stuff

I think that’s it! I really feel like those are such mild pregnancy side effects and I feel very blessed to be having such an easy pregnancy. I haven’t even had heart burn really yet, which was bad with Isla, and god awful terrible with Gemma, so I am sure its coming… or maybe not? After all, I can’t believe I made it through the first trimester with absolutely zero nausea or morning sickness!

Ok, I am probably forgetting stuff, but well… there’s just so little tell Smile.  Easy pregnancy = boring blog… HOORAY!


  1. Congrats on the baby girl! What a fun house you will have!

  2. So sorry you had to deal with difficult doctor's and appointments. I completely understand and sympathize with you….making appointments here is beyond annoying (especially since if I call nothing happens but if John calls….all of the sudden it all works out) and I have gone weeks without an appointment BUT you don't live in Saudi and shouldn't have to deal with that and I am happy you found a new doctor and a new place to deliver. Continued prayers for peace of mind, health and trusting in God that your body is doing what it needs for your baby! And….I can't believe you are already halfway there :)

  3. Thanks Che! I appreciate your prayers... and your perspective!!! At least I am not dealing with another international pregnancy... whew, bless your heart, I hope that I never have to do that again.


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