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Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Perfect Blendship

So I have been really trying to clean out areas of our house. One area that was overflowing was our t-shirt drawers. We really hadn’t bought many t-shirts since college, but lately I have been acquiring quite the collection of adoption related shirts for the entire family. Also given that our college shirts are getting really faded, I decided that it was time to get rid of them…

Only, getting rid of them was hard. I am trying not to be sentimental about things. I’ve discovered that being overly sentimental is the root of my hoarding when I hoard… but I just couldn’t let those old college shirts go. Thankfully I was watching a show this past summer where I wife sent all of her husband’s old college shirts off and had a quilt made. That seemed like the perfect solution! Instead of getting rid of our college shirts, we decided to repurpose them.

Now, the hard part was figuring out WHO would turn them into a quilt. I have always wanted to learn quilting, but life circumstances have thus far not led me to someone or someplace where I could conveniently learn quilting. I even bought a starter kit to learn when we moved to Russia, but it just didn’t happen without someone to teach me. (Side note: I’m so jealous of those expat communities where people actually DO stuff together. Our little Russian community was too tiny for any hobby clubs.)

So I called up my BFF Emily! Who if you will remember made Isla a beautiful little quilt before she was born. I did not expect Emily to make it, girlfriend has enough on her plate with three small kids, but I know that she has a lot of quilting friends who I might be able to hire to make me one.  And you know what? Emily insisted on making the quilt for me, all I had to do was pay for materials! I really wasn’t fishing, I promise. Pinky swear.

Seriously, what a precious friend I have in her. She is so talented, and such a kind person. She always sees the best people! We actually went to high school our senior year together, but we didn’t really become friends until we found out we were both moving to A&M and living in the same dorm. In high school she was the drill team captain and way too cool for me! (JK, she is not that like at all) Afterwards, we lived together for three years until graduation. Emily is basically a saint since she was able to put up with me for three long years!

Anyway, I sent Emily mine and Nick’s shirts and she pulled this quilt together so quickly and its just beautiful! I absolutely love it. I totally teared up when she gave it to me. It’s a very precious memento from college made my old college roommate.


A few highlights:

  • A Chilifest 2003 t-shirt, Nick was on the “Red Ass* Chili Peppers” team and Nick and I fell in love and “hooked up” (note: in this case “hooked up” does not involve alcohol, I basically drank alcohol like three times in college or kissing – he put his arms around me and we just both knew) in the middle of Willie Nelson’s performance. We LOVE US some Willie Nelson!Smile 
  • All FOUR Maroon Out shirts (2001 to 2004). I lost my 2001 Maroon Shirt, but thankfully Emily had a extra, which we suspect was mine all along. We wear the same size and I’m pretty sure she accidentally took mine at some point.
  • Class Councils shirts.
  • A “Beat the Hell Out of Bin Laden” shirt. 9/11 happened just a few weeks after I started college. I still get emotional when I think about it. The day that changed American forever, for good or bad, happening at such a formative time in my life… Holy cow, maybe that’s why I’m so flippin’ conservative!

A few notable missing shirts! There are only two that didn’t make it into the quilt that I REALLY, REALLY regret.

  • The first one is Nick’s civil engineering honor society shirt from the year that he was the president (yes, he’s nauseatingly perfect). It was so cool, and I don’t know how I didn’t give it to Emily. It has the Chi Epsilon logo on one side, and a quote the said “Scientist discover a world that exists, engineers create a world that never was.” Ugh, so cool! I’m so mad it didn’t make it into the quilt.
  • The second shirt I am just so annoyed that I lost it over the years because it’s from an event that I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of.  Fightin’ Texas Aggies are a fairly conservative, patriotic crowd, and the Aggie family was devastated after 9/11. To show our love for our country and to honor the fallen in the Twin Towers that day, the university quickly pulled together an event that would be remembered forever in college football. We Aggies always honor our fallen heroes. Anyway, I’m somewhere in the third deck in red even if you can’t see me, probably sore as heck because Aggie students always stand for the entire game, yelling my heart out. I’m so proud to belong to University that cares about what’s important and remembers the fallen.


Anyway, I love my quilt. I love my best friend. And I love my university! I’m so happy to have this wonderful memento for years to come… maybe one of my girls will take it with them on their own Aggieland adventures? Hey, a mom can dream, right? Smile

*Red Ass is Aggie slang for a good thing and a good Aggie. Its not offensive in Aggieland although outsiders might think it’s a little tacky.


  1. Emily did an amzing job, not only is it sewn beautullly but the placement of the tshirts is a work of art. I have seen your t shirt atash and can/t believe you knew the ones that were missing. Too funny.

  2. Love it! We had some of the same shirts in college :) Good job Emily!!


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