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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Princess Shaka-laka-lace

…or what 3 baby has been dubbed by big sister Isla!

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Because we are having another little GIRL Smile.

We could use some girl sibling name suggestions because I feel like we have exhausted our awesome girl name supply! I think we will wait until she is born to settle on a name, but we would love have a nice short list before we go into the hospital as we have done with our two other girlies. So please, suggest away! One things we are fairly confident about, her middle name will be Patricia after my Aunt Pat, whom Nick and I both dearly loved.

In the meantime, we will refer to her as Princess Shaka or Baby Shaka!

I cannot believe that we will have THREE GIRLS! Nick is so thrilled to have 3 little princesses to be a hero too… he is less thrilled about paying for three weddings, haha. (Nick: Three small weddings!) I am humbled that we have been chosen to help 3 precious little girls grow into smart, strong, confident women. I know that the Lord has big things planned for our Princess Shaka!


  1. Congratulations! How exciting to have three girls! I can't help much on the girl's names as we had a really hard time picking one for this baby but I will let you know if anything comes to mind! Hope you are doing well and feeling great! Lots of prayers for a healthy, wonderful and enjoyable pregnancy for you!

  2. Thank you :). We are excited!!!

  3. YAY!!!!! PTL for this little princess! Nick is quite the blessed man!

    You know... my third kiddo is Lucy Patricia.

  4. Oh yay! You are on your way to a great basketball team.

    Okay, let me give you all the names I love that David vetoed.

    Imogen (I'm a sucker for obscure Shakespeare plays, also, has a fantastic meaning)
    Pearl (I might win this fight and use it as a middle name)
    Wren or Wrenne
    Clementine (I knew an adult with this name, friends called her Clem or Clemmie)

    Names I like that we passed on:

  5. Elizabeth, I didn't know Lucy was a Patricia! I love it :).

    Meg, we have such similar tastes! My all time favorite and first name choice for a girl is Hero; its seems so wholesome and sweet (although my Hero would never take Claudio back!). Nick vetoed that one ages ago, but I still love it. Also that reminds me of a blog post that I have been meaning to write...

    I love Violet, but try it with Wann (violent one) and Willa, but W names don't really work well with Wann either. Cora is one I love though, like Isla and Gemma it ends in "a" and is very British and hip right now thanks to Downton Abbey!

  6. I am very excited for all of you, and surprised. I just assumed this was a boy, like I really had images this one was a boy, but yay another sister, a Princess shaka. LOVE.

    Cora, excellent, love it, and has been at the top of my list of girl names since after CG was born, so naturally it was up there for Court, had he been a pink berry, rather than a blue berry.

    Quinn, that was the #1 most likely candidate in the end of Courtster had been a girl. It came up a bunch while I was pregnant and we were in Ireland and overtook Cora.

    Claira, was also one of my reserve girl names, that I still really like. (It was a debate as to whether or not we should stick with "C" names. I was pro-C name so always working on that theme.)


    Mostly just yay for you guys and your newest little princess!

  7. Stori, Some ideas from me:

    Esther - love the name and the bible significance (husband vetoed on me)
    Claire - a strong classic name
    Sydney - what our last daughter was to be named until my 10 year old son burst into tears and said he'd run away if that was her name. No, he didn't know a Sydney and we never could get him to explain why it bothered him so. It was sad/sweet but sent us scrambling at the last minute for a new name!!! Lesson learned - don't ask your other kids for input on the names!!!

    Sue H.

  8. Melissa, NO ONE thought this would be a girl, hehe! Everyone sees us with boys... with Isla it was 50/50 on the gender guessing, Gemma it was mostly boy guesses, and with this one it was 100%! No one thought we would have all girls :).

    Sue, thanks for the suggestions! We won't be asking Isla for input again... our first query resulted in Princess Shakalakalace so we have learned our lesson :).


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