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Monday, April 28, 2014

Birthday Festivities

So, Isla’s birthday fell on Easter week this year! Two years ago it actually fell on Orthodox Easter. I think that there is a good chance her birthday will orbit Easter for the rest of her life. I am beginning to see why people hate to share their birthdays with holidays because there was just so much happening and it was tiring! Plus at Isla’s age I didn’t want her to confuse the importance of Easter, but thankfully I don’t think that that happened.

Anyway, as I’ve said, Isla was sick on her birthday. I didn’t have a whole lot planned for the actual day because we had planned to have her Easter party at school so I knew she would be getting a lot of sugar. Her party was that weekend and we had planned to take cupcakes to her school the following Tuesday.

Once she got sick, I tried to make it a little more special. First I let her pick what she wanted for breakfast and she requested pancakes with sprinkles. I was worried that they would come back up, but thankfully she was done with that part of the illness.


Then Nick and I let her open up two of her presents. All in all we bought her 4 bean bags, a scooter with a helmet, an Anna (Frozen) doll, and a giant floor map puzzle. That day we let her open her map and her Anna doll. I had gone to Target to let Isla pick out which helmet she wanted and by the time I got back to buy it, it was sold out. I couldn’t find it online but thankfully my MIL found it at her Target so she was bringing it later.


Also, her birthday shirt came in on her birthday and she was so excited! This was a really fun thing to do and I want to make this an annual tradition. Her birthday shirt said 4 in a Clifford the Big Red Dog fabric with her name embroidered on it. Here she is modeling it! I bought it from AddiesKakesKreations on Etsy.


By Friday both my mom and Nick’s parents had arrived so we let her open the rest of her presents from us and from them. I don’t have pictures of it, but my mom bought Isla an Elsa doll, and Nick’s parents spoiled her with a girly train set, doll clothes and several other things.

Saturday was party day! Isla had request a Clifford the Big Red Dog party at Chuck E Cheese. Smile It was easy and fun to put together, and we invited her favorite friends from school, our neighbors and her besties, Kaylinn and Hannah. Gabby was out of town and couldn’t be there. Chuck E Cheese lets you bring in all of your own decorations if you want to except your own drink cups. I kept it simple, simple. I just ordered cupcakes (white on white) from HEB (I didn’t want any red frosting after Isla’s “Fire Booty” incident last year) and bought Clifford themed cupcake toppers and liners. The decorations were Clifford themed mylar balloon, napkins, plates, and red tablecloths. We also had hats and goody bags for the guest. The goody bags contained playdo with a dog bone cookie cutter, a Clifford pencil, candy… and something else that I forgot.



Isla got to take her guitar up and rock out with Chuck E and she also got to get into the ticket blaster. She wanted her dad to join her though! I was jealous… that looks like FUN!


We forgot our good camera, so the only pictures I have are from my iPhone and not very good. There’s not much to say other than the kids ran around, danced with Chuck E Cheese and generally had a really fun time!

The birthday queen in her crown.


And finally her school celebration! I have a summer birthday and I never got to bring cupcakes or anything to school to celebrate… so you better believe I am living through my children Smile. It was really simple. I had planned to make cupcakes with Isla but we just ran out of time. Instead I just picked up some ready made cupcakes at HEB and it worked just as well. It was very cute and I hope to get to do this each year! We also did it one week late since her birthday fell on the same day at the Easter party and I didn’t want any of the small kids to confuse the two.


I decided to get some red ones since that’s Isla’s favorite color and there wasn’t too much icing and she did great! No adverse reactions… thank goodness for all parties involved Smile.


And that’s it! We are pretty crazy about our little 4 year old. I am so glad that we were able to give her a party that she loved. She is so special to us each and every day, but its fun to celebrate her in a special way sometimes!

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