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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I’d build a pool…

The other day my friend Julia blogged about Reece’s Rainbow’s 21 Days of Hope campaign.

She asked the question – If you had $44100 just laying around, what would you do with it?

“Would you use it to buy a new car?  How about put in a swimming pool? A new wardrobe?  A luxurious vacation?  An addition to the house?  Pay down some debt?  A new boat?“

And I had to laugh out loud and then look sheepish because definitely, I would build a pool. That would be my first thought. I live in TEXAS! It’s hot here in the summertime. HOT. I can’t tell you how many times I have said to Nick “When our ships comes in, I want a house with a private pool!” If someone dumped $44,100 in my lap, my first thoughts would jump to POOL!

(I do feel like I need to put in a disclaimer that we are buying a new car, but we need one! I assume that Julia meant an unneeded, superfluous car!)

But not everyone is like me! In fact, I know that there is at least ONE person out there who is not like me. A wonderful, sweet anonymous donor has promised $44,100 to TWENTY ONE Reece’s Rainbow children IF we can get $21,000 in donations to Reece’s Rainbow’s Voice of Hope Fund.

I know sometimes I only want to give directly to children or families because it’s so fun to see grants go up and KNOW that that is bringing a specific child home. It’s something we can latch onto.

But without the Voice of Hope fund, there wouldn’t even be a Reece’s Rainbow. It’s not glamorous, but its necessary to continue the work that they do. The money covers advertising for Reece’s Rainbow and subsequently the kids, salaries for staff (and they work their fingers to the bone), office expenses, postage, Down Syndrome awareness materials, working with new families, and much more. Click HERE to read about everything that the Voice of Hope fund does!

PLEASE GO CHECK OUT THE 21 DAYS OF HOPE CAMPAIGN! And give to the Voice of Hope fund. For every $1000 raised, each child below will receive $2100 in their adoption grants! What an amazing gift. Don’t let it go to waste!

Please go to the 21 Days of Hope page and GIVE! You know any amount is welcome and none too small.


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  1. My family wants a pool too and we'd use it for all of 2 or 3 months a year in Wisconsin! Ha! This was so well written - thank you!



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