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Thursday, March 13, 2014

First Trimester (3rd time)!

Today I am 13 weeks with Baby Wann #3!

Here is the picture I shared before of our little guy or girl. The baby was 10 weeks or so when this picture was taken!

photo (17)

Due Date: September 18th, 2014. YAY for a sapphire birthstone!

Doctor’s Visit

Everything looks healthy! Hearing that little heartbeat never gets old, in fact it just gets sweeter. With Isla the concept of the child that the heartbeat would become was so abstract, but now I know that eventually that little heartbeat will be a busy little almost four year old or a sweet little toothy one year old… and its just so beautiful.

I really liked my doctor too, however we have heard some concerning things about the hospital in Midland, so we are going to check into a different doctor who delivers at the hospital in Odessa. We have heard only wonderful things about that hospital. My doctor did ask me if I wanted to try for a V-BAC, which floored me. I want to write a longer post on that later, but I didn’t think it was an option after two c-sections and NONE of my other doctors have thought it was a good idea.  So its something to mull over… Anyway, I will write more on it later.

Also, I could not believe my weight! I have never gained a lot while pregnant, especially with Gemma, and I have never had trouble losing it either. MOVING WEIGHT is another story, but pregnancy weight has never been a problem. However I am starting out this pregnancy at heavier than I have ever been non pregnancy.  As you know I have had some thyroid issues and I just haven’t felt like myself since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and I know that I have gained weight. Both my endocrinologist and my OB will monitor my thyroid carefully during this pregnancy. Right now with the medication I am running a little hyperthyroid so they are working to restore the balance. Apparently HYPERthyroid is better than HYPODthryoid in pregnancy in any case. I am not going to worry about my weight. If this is meant to be the pregnancy where I blow up like a balloon then so be it, I am going to focus on a healthy little baby. Plus Nick really loves me and makes me feel beautiful no matter what, bless him, which makes it hard to stress.

I HAVE POPPED TOO! I took a picture of myself, but I looked so bad I couldn’t bring myself to post it. Please indulge my vanity. I don’t think I look that bad until I look at pictures and then… ugh. But as for the popping, I guess that’s just what happens with a third baby Smile.

How We Found Out

So let me start by telling how Nick and I found out we were pregnant. I know that I shared it with Isla and I don’t know if I shared about Gemma (I will need to go back and confirm).

In case you were wondering… yes this baby is a surprise! Unplanned, but very much wanted. I won’t go too much into the details, but if you do the math, this baby was conceived on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing day… days filled with distractions! We did know that we wanted a third and we were hoping for MUCH later this year, like when Gemma and this baby would be 2 to 2 1/2 years a part. As it stands, they will be 18 months a part so just a little bit ahead of schedule!

It’s so fun after the collective FIVE years, including fertility treatments with Isla, that it took us to conceive our first two, to have this one happen so easily! Yay! In a way I am not surprised and I hope that this doesn’t sound arrogant, but I remember praying and feeling at peace after we conceived Gemma and thinking “I just don’t think God has anything else to teach me about waiting for a baby. He has already taught me so much. I don’t think the next time will take as long as the first two.” I really didn’t mean it in an arrogant or desperate way, sometimes you just have peace around things. Of course, I also didn’t think that it meant that we would ever have a surprise like this one!

Basically it went down like this. I had a teeny bit of spotting. (Sorry if that’s TMI). “That makes sense” I thought… “I am probably getting close to my monthly visitor” (I don’t actually think like that but talking about these things on a blog is weird enough) and I didn’t give it a second thought. Three days later, nothing… and I started to think “Could I be pregnant… no way!” It was on Nick’s birthday and his parents were on town. Nick and I went out to run errands and I casually mentioned that maybe I should pick up a pregnancy test. Nick and I have been through this before… and Nick is cheap so he responded with a face and “ugh… no, come on.” In his defense, we have spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests and have only had two come out with the answer we wanted so experience was on his side! BUT I just had a feeling, so I promised I would buy the cheapest test that Albertson’s had and bought it anyway…

SIDE NOTE: Did you know the Dollar Store sells pregnancy test!?! I wish I had known that before…

I woke up the next morning and took one of the tests. It was a dud. The test line never came up so the test didn’t work. I didn’t really care, but it reinforced Nick’s suspicions and my own based on our history so I decided I would give it a few days before I took the next one. I went out into the living room and the kids were playing with their grandparents and I brought out my iPad and thought… “Maybe I should just see if I am late.” Normally I am on top of this and track it but December was a weird busy month with Angel Tree. I know its hard to tell, but it does take up a bunch of my time. I sat down to calculate and came up with ALMOST THREE WEEKS LATE! How did I miss it? I guess having two kids and Christmas and Angel Tree and New Years and Nick’s birthday and I don’t know… I just totally missed it.

So I quickly ran back into to take the other test… and sure enough! PREGNANT! I nearly freaked out. I called Nick into the bedroom and showed him the test and he was SO SHOCKED! It was such a sweet blessing, but a shock!

How We Told People

My mom guessed when we went to Houston and I had a migraine. How do moms just KNOW these things? We told everyone else after Gemma’s birthday! That was it. Nothing special, except the news. SmileTruthfully I was little nervous that people would not be excited since this is our third and Gemma is so young, but everyone was so happy and excited for us!

How The Pregnancy is Going

Apart from the migraine and losing all of that delicious Greek food I ate in Houston… I have had NO NAUSEA and NO SICKNESS! Its been awesome. I wake up and feel normal. Other than that, my gag reflex is a little more sensitive and I am very tired getting to the end of the day, but THAT’S IT! Yay.

Oh wait… I will say that MY HOT FEET HAVE RETURNED! However, its much more manageable here in Texas than it was in Russia. For starters, I started to sleep under a throw with my feet out. I always kept my feet out before, but I think the lighter blanket keeps my body temperature cooler than our comforter. Also I have a ceiling fan which keeps air blowing on them. I’ve only had to get up to run them under cold water a few times.

Random Things

We are getting a minivan! Hopefully soon and I will post on that search in detail.

Given that we will have two babies 18 months apart, we have purchased a dedicated DOUBLE STROLLER. Stroller shopping… my joy, my delight! I will post on that in detail as well.

This adorable baby is going into the guest bedroom with a crib and maybe our glider. I just do not have it in me to redo a room for Isla and Gemma (the baby would then move into Gemma’s fairly gender neutral nursery). I don’t want to spend the money or the energy since we just did everything when we moved in! I would like to actually spend money finishing up a few projects around the house for ME for a change.

This does mean that we will probably turn our den into a playroom. I am mulling it over… we like our den for TV watching, but I think having that playroom will help my sanity a little bit!

AND this is what I KNOW you all want to know! We are probably finding out the gender! Right now, I feel like just the baby is surprise enough without adding in the gender surprise on top of it, and this may be our last baby… I have always wanted the experience of finding out early. My OB lets us find out at 16 weeks for $75 ($100 for 4D U/S), rather than wait until 20 weeks. I am thinking about it. If we are going to find out we might as well go whole hog. One thing I do know, whenever Nick and I find out, we will probably do the envelope/baby outfit gift wrapped/romantic dinner thing just to make it special for the two of us!

That is it folks. We so overwhelmed and overjoyed that we get to be parents to THREE little babies. Children are gift and a reward, and that becomes more real to me the older my children get and the more I have.

“Behold, children are a gift of the LORD, The fruit of the womb is a reward.” ~Psalm 127:3


  1. just smiling and smiling all the way through this post. Loved everything about it . . . typed and then deleted, "mostly your personality," but that didn't seem fair to the whole entire new life you have created, which is just amazing, so total tie new baby and your charming, fun, honest, real, sweet personality and writing style. Excited to keep reading about all 5 of you! :) I'm so sorry about your hot feet, but it kind of cracks me up!

  2. This makes me so happy! Everything sounds so great. Our babies won't be that far apart. How fun. Okay, you know me, but I am now on team Stori-VBAC. I believe in you and I support you in whatever decision you make. I am seriously thinking of making tshirts for David, the doula and me. If you decide to do a VBAC, I am making y'all tshirts too!

  3. Stori, just read your post. I am so so so happy for you!! :) Indeed children are such a joy and it doesn't matter whether it was planned or unexpected.

    Katya S.

  4. So happy for you guys and continued prayers for an easy pregnancy! Can't wait to hear what baby #3 will be :)


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