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Monday, December 9, 2013

Open Your Eyes

Its hard to say what makes people care about the orphan crisis… some people get it instantly! They know that every child deserves the love of a family no matter what.

Some people think… well as long as the orphans are well taken care of and not abused, then institutional care is probably fine. Its not my problem anyway.

Some people understand how damaging it is for typical children to be orphans, but don’t think those with any type of cognitive or physical disability deserve the same opportunities for a family as a regular kid… Just look at our abortion statistics for children with Down Syndrome… 90% of American parents who receive a diagnosis of Down Syndrome choose to abort their child.

That’s a number that I cannot even fathom. So many people don’t even think children with special needs deserve life.

Or here’s a few other numbers that are difficult for me to fathom.

In Asher and Prince’s country, they will stay in a baby house until they are FOUR, or FIVE, or SIX. A baby house is just another word for orphanage. Some are good, most are not, but its nothing compared to where they are sent when they turn SIX.

This is where little Prince will be sent when he turns SIX! This is a video taken from his country.

I have watched it many times, and I can’t watch it anymore. This is where little six year old boys are sent… adult mental institutions, not orphanages. It’s a place for the criminally insane, not children. Some were left in cribs, and they only had down syndrome! There is no reason for them to be immobile.

How many 6 year old children do you know? Do you think that they deserve to be in a place like this?

The horrifying statistic is that 80% of children transferred will die within the first year. For those with Down Syndrome, that number climbs to 90%!

A death rate of 90% for those with down syndrome, that is a familiar statistic isn’t it? God help us and forgive us for our callous, selfish hearts towards the helpless.

Asher’s country is not much better. I will share his fate with you tomorrow.

Please see my boys! Help them escape this fate that means almost certain death!






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  1. Stori,

    Thank you for your passion for orphans! What a blessing you are to the least of these!

    How can people donate?

    Merry Christmas!!

  2. Elizabeth - all you need is a Paypal account and click on the donate buttons on the side of my blog. Or you can mail a check (if you can) to Reece's Rainbow
    PO Box 4024
    Gaithersburg, MD 20885


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