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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Boy Without a Face

My first year as an Angel Tree Warrior, I decided very last minute to do it, and there were not many children left by the time I signed up. We all know that every single child deserves a family and someone who cares about them… but I admit that I was nervous when at first Kai didn’t have a picture. I was so nervous… how was I going to fundraise without an cute little face to go along with my begging?

Eventually I learned that we did have a picture of my boy… and as you know, Kai was adorable, so I was able to raise a lot of money for him.

Now that I have been at this for a while I know that different countries have different rules on photo listing their children available for adoption.  Reece’s Rainbow advocates for all orphans with special needs and there are many who do not have a picture, including several on our Angel Tree… and my Prince. This is all that Reece’s Rainbow has, a placeholder until there is a serious inquiry into him for adoption.boy

I worry so much for children without pictures like my Prince, I worry and pray for them – how will people care for them and see them without being able to see them?

Our entire community was rocked by dear Kyle’s picture. We all know his face and love him. We wept for a child we didn’t know, all because of a picture.kyle after

I would have never gotten involved with Reece’s Rainbow if it had not been for pictures like these…


I can write all day long, but we know that its SEEING the horror that these children endure or SEEING a little face that you fall in love with that is the difference between action and indifference.

And with Prince… we have nothing.  Right now my sweet Asher has more than DOUBLE what Prince has in his account. They both have the same warrior, they both have received the same exposure on my end… but still sweet Prince has hovered over $100 for what feels like FOREVER to me, while Asher’s account is steadily rising.

Little Prince is a real flesh and blood little boy, and I know that he deserves the love of a family just as much as sweet Asher.

Please, please take a moment to pray for Prince and consider giving to his grant account. There is a very real little boy who needs family to come forward for him… and he needs the money even more than Asher, who has his little face to help attract a family.

Please donate to Prince HERE or click on his “picture” above or on the side of the blog!

If you donate $5, you will gain entry into our giveaway, with extra entries for each multiple of $5. See below for prizes and rules! ($5 = 1 entry, $25 = 5 entries, etc.)

If you donate $35, you get an ornament in honor of Prince, AND I will ship you a batch of either my REGIONALLY famous brownies or my INTERNATIONALLY famous chip-of-your choice (milk chocolate, semisweet, peanut butter, etc.) cookies… hint, hint my MOTHER taught me how to make them Smile.


A Vitamix blender - a $450 value!


A beautiful handmade scarf!!!


Earrings - $20 value


Glass Angel - $5 value


A $25 Visa gift card

BIBLIOPLAN E-Book Ancient History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN E-BOOK Medieval History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN E-BOOK Modern History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN Ancient History Craft Book - $12 value

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A Poppies Blooming blog makeover, blogger or word press format - $75+ value

The Boy From Baby House 10 – $13 value

Swavorksi crystal necklace – $80 value

Silver earrings from Peru – $10 value


Pink faux leather jewelry box - $20 value


Lovely scarves – $25 each


Ginger on a Mission tote – $25


Target Gift Card – $25

Snowflake Gift Card

Lovely handmade scarf donated by Scarves and Skirts for Sara – $15 value



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  1. You're amazing Stori - I love what you are doing for this ministry. So honored to be able to help!


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