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Sunday, November 24, 2013

For my boys: Asher and Prince


I am finally ready to kick off my official fundraiser for Asher and Prince.

For big prizes, I am shamelessly piggybacking off of our All Angel Giveaway! It just didn’t feel right to offer a big prize for my two boys only, so I and several warriors have started a giveaway for all babes on the Angel Tree. When you donate to my two boys, you automatically gain entry.

BUT, you only have until all the AT babes have $500 in their Angel Tree grant accounts and then the prizes will be distributed.

SO HURRY! And donate to Asher and Prince.

$35 will get you an ornament.

$50 or more and I will send you a batch of my famous brownies and/or chip-of-your choice cookies!

But really all that you need is a $5 to enter into the giveaway. We don’t turn away humble offerings.  We are not too proud to beg or accept any offering for the least of these.





If you would like to give to a different child on the Angel Tree, you can check out the All Angel Tree Giveaway found HERE!


One donation of $5 will put your name into our giveaway! As an incentive for making additional donations, you will receive additional entries for every additional $5 donated either boys.

          • $5 = 1 entry

          • $10 = 2 entries

          • $20 = 4 entries

          • $50 = 10 entries

          • $500 = 100 entries

          • And so on…

Give $35 and over to either Asher or Prince, and you will receive an adorable ornament with Asher’s picture on it or Prince’s name.

You can also gain additional entries by sharing about our giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or your own Blog. Just leave a comment on this blog to let us know you’ve shared.


  • Click on Asher or Prince’s picture and donate at least $5 to their grant accounts.

  • THEN, forward your Paypal or Reece’s Rainbow donation to receipt to allangelsgiveaway@gmail.com.


  • For additional entries please Blog, Tweet or Share about this on Facebook. You can do this everyday for additional entries! (One per each type per day) Just leave a comment stating that you have done this.

  • The giveaway ends when EVERY child on the Angel Tree has at least $500 in their grant accounts.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to leave one in the comment section or email us at allangelsgiveaway@gmail.com.


A Vitamix blender - a $450 value!


A beautiful handmade scarf!!!


Necklace - $20 value


Earrings - $20 value


Glass Angel - $5 value


A $25 Visa gift card

BIBLIOPLAN E-Book Ancient History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN E-BOOK Medieval History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN E-BOOK Modern History - $40 value

BIBLIOPLAN Ancient History Craft Book - $12 value

BIBLIOPLAN Medieval History Craft Book - $12 value

BIBLIOPLAN Modern History Craft Book - $12 value

A Poppies Blooming blog makeover, blogger or word press format - $75+ value

The Boy From Baby House 10 – $13 value

Swavorksi crystal necklace – $80 value


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Testing 1-2-3

So I am finally getting my brownies out the door!  I am so late on my test case, but first I had to perfect my brownie recipe again. It’s a recipe that I have made so many times, but since we are trying to eat healthier and we tend to eat the entire pan in 24 hours I have avoided making it recently.  Thankfully the recipe is back to perfection!

And then later this week, I am testing cookies (yes its my mother’s recipe and they are amazing)! I hope that they can ship in the wrapping that I have sent them in. Please say a prayer that it works out! I already have a ton of professional plastic wrap, aluminum foil and wax paper and then the brown shipping paper is cheap.  Hopefully I won’t have to buy more robust containers, which would cut into my giving margin.

I have confirmation that my test subject is very excited to be receiving them. Smile

photo (26)

The garage sale is scheduled for December 7th.  I am so nervous about this.  I didn’t even think anything about it, but Nick was like “Do people have garage sales not in summer?” Gah! I don’t know, but we are doing one. Maybe people will come around and look for cheap Christmas gifts. I have some very good things to sell.

I am also just beginning to put together an All Angel Tree fundraiser to benefit all of the kids on the Angel Tree. Please say a prayer that people are receptive and open to giving prizes!

In the meantime – you can give to my two boys if you want to Smile. Any amount is welcome and $35 gets you an ornament!!!

Click HERE to donate to Prince.


And click HERE to donate to Asher.


Monday, November 18, 2013

The Little Prince

We are back after one short weekend getaway that was followed by one longish vacation and we are almost now 3 weeks into Angel Tree and I have not set up the donation boxes for my two boys…

Yes, I said TWO boys.

We got to end of the sign up period for Angel Tree and there were a few children left. I just hated the thought of someone being left behind. HATED it. The $1000 that I have committed to raising is so important. That may be just the seed money to their grant fund that might encourage a family to step forward.

But being an Angel Tree warrior is so much more important than fundraising. It about shouting for these children and letting the world know that they do exist. These are human beings living in horrible conditions.  Who knows how much impact having one person sharing about you, loving your from afar and praying over your picture can have? Does it help? I think so, and I know God listens to prayers. Even if I cannot fundraise $2000 for them, I can at least care about them and share about them.

But my new Angel Tree baby – his name is Prince… doesn’t have a picture!  Oh my, my job to fundraise for him is not going to be easy. Reece’s Rainbow does not have a picture for him, and they will not until they get a serious inquiry. So all he will have is my pitiful yelling and begging and sharing about the conditions that special needs orphans live in to to raise money for him to get him to his $1000 goal… but beyond that, how will anyone SEE him if they cannot SEE him?

I would love prayers for my Little Prince if you please.

Anyway, I am recommitting to blogging again. I mean it this time.Winking smile And you will be hearing more about my fundraising efforts over the coming weeks as well as hearing more about my boys and getting the opportunity to donate to their grant account. You know that no amount is too small. Not even $1.

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