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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween is upon us…

I just realized that Halloween is tomorrow!  Eeks. I don’t know how it snuck up on me because I LOVE Halloween and I have been looking forward to it for months! I even had decorations that did not get put out… maybe we will do that tonight.

I feel like the girls never get enough wear out of their Halloween themed clothing even though I dress them in it at least once a week. Here are the girl’s in their matching smocked Halloween dresses. I love smocking – it’s a southern thing!

photo (23)photo (24)

We also need to carve the pumpkin that we picked up at Fiddlesticks Farms!!! Yikes, yikes, yikes! I am so behind.

Last year I was lucky enough to take Isla out for Halloween as it happened a few days after we returned to the US for one of our trips! I think my mom has all of the pictures, but Isla was so adorable.  She wore a Nemo costume, and we were in Houston so it was warm and by the end of the night she had just taken off the costume and was running in her tights and shoes! Just adorable. I absolutely loved watching her and she is such a people person she loved it and people loved her!

I guess some people might think it is weird that I like Halloween since we do not do the Easter Bunny and gave long thought to not doing Santa. To me it is a fairly a-religious holiday, we dress up, we go door to door, hang out with the neighbors and just have a good time. If I thought it might confuse Isla about Jesus, I wouldn’t do it, but since there is no religious significance for me, we just enjoy the fun part of it.

Nick gets to take Isla out tomorrow since I did it last year. I am jealous and staying home to pass out candy.  That’s ok, I want him to get to experience how much fun it is, and I LOVE having the little kids come by and seeing their little adorable costumes! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. No Fall Festivals or Trunk or Treating for this family.

I really thought that Isla would want to be something non girly like a dinosaur and I was also hoping to do a theme with her and Gemma.  She is such a tomboy and is not into princesses so I was kind of shocked when she told me that she wanted to be a “vanilla princess”… I could not quite figure out what that was, but I had a Disney Gift card from her birthday, so I just showed her all of the Disney princess and let her pick out her dress she liked.

She picked out Rapunzel’s wedding dress which is white – so I guess that is what she meant by “vanilla”…

Gemma is just going to wear a pumpkin onesie, hat and orange tutu.

This post was a little random, but I can’t wait until tomorrow!!!

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