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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fiddlesticks Farms

How I wish that I had my act together and was able to blog in real time! Unfortunately, I do not, so I do not.

Sooooo, let me hop into my mental time machine and write about a few weeks back…

The first weekend in October we were free and it was the only weekend left in October that we had free, so I decided to check and see if there was a local pumpkin patch! 

Side note: I think Pumpkin Patches are a great American tradition. Sometimes I think that we are a frivolous society – but then I think – wait, its that over celebrating every minor Hallmark invented holiday that brought us the great pumpkin patch tradition!  And I then I get all happy and I think how awesome it is to be an American and that capitalism is so cool…

Ok back to the pumpkin patch.  So we went to a place called Fiddlesticks Farms.  It such a neat place started by two Texas Tech grads, who are THREE years younger than Nick and I, I might add.  They already own this amazing business with a pumpkin patch, a corn field maze, milking cows, pigs, tons of things for little kids to do… its such a great little place.

We are so enjoying these little outings!

Anyway, here are some pictures from our day – with captions where appropriate…

20131011 from Nikon 044

20131011 from Nikon 053

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And then she wanted to go again, but with Mommy Smile.

20131011 from Nikon 173

Panning for gold. You better believe this kept her busy for at least 30 minutes!


Ok, this one deserves a caption – Gemma looks adorable and Nick had just finished informing me that once upon a time in middle school he had been THE top tetherball champion…  IMG_0829

I don’t know what exactly is going on this picture but I think there may be a little Earl/Tiger action happening right here…


Sittin’ on a bale o’ hay.

20131011 from Nikon 182

I think they used pipeline pipe to make a kids slide… very West Texas!









Baby pig obsession! We could not tear Isla away for the milking demonstration even though (I thought) it was very cool.


Waiting for the pig races!


Getting a little tuckered out after the hay ride…

20131011 from Nikon 19220131011 from Nikon 195

We had already been there for hours and we had yet to do the corn maze! Isla was so tired so I suggested we just skip it and go home.  Then Nick said “But that was what I most wanted to do!” He he, that was true for me too so we decided to stay.  Thankfully the corn maze had three different trails you could do, and one was designed specifically for toddlers with a preschooler trail and a story called Jack and the Corn Stalk. Nick wanted to do one of the longer trails, but I had to veto that. The maze was a little disappointing because the corn didn’t grow very high. The sign said it was because of the drought… common sense tells me its because they were growing crops in the desert…

20131011 from Nikon 19820131011 from Nikon 204

I do feel like I just need to show you the corn maze design! Also very West Texas… I loved it. I love that people out here are so patriotic and so supportive of the men and women who fight and die and are maimed so that we can enjoy the great life in the US that we do!


Anyway, it was a great day! Life is pretty good right now.

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  1. Such fun pictures, I love the corn maze too!


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