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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Daddy’s Ride

When Nick was in high school he drove a 1970 Ford pick up truck.  His parents bought him a newer truck when he graduated and went to college, and its just kind of been sitting and rotting away at his grandparents’ house in Temple since then.  I have encouraged him for years to get it back and fix it up, but he always resisted.  I know that Nick has always wanted to, but he is always so careful about money and I don’t think that he really thought that it was worth the expenditure when we had two other vehicles.  So meanwhile the truck just sat outside and eventually became a home for wasps...

When we moved to Russia, we sold Nick’s college truck, which left us with our 2004 Chevy Trailblazer and Nick’s Ford that we have never really counted since it pretty much stopped working the day Nick stopped driving it after graduation.  We know that we probably need to buy something new sometime soon, but in the meantime, Nick has finally been fixing up his old truck! I am so happy about this. I hated the thought of us owning an asset that was just sitting outside and rotting.  I sort of gave Nick an ultimatum – either start fixing up the truck and get it out of his grandparents’ hair or sell it.  Now that we have a 3 car garage and a little extra income, there was absolutely no reason not to do something about it! After a little hesitation, Nick finally agreed with me.

So Nick got his daddy on board and we have been to Temple several weekends so that Nick and his dad could work on it together.  Nick’s dad has also done a lot of work on it by himself.  We are so lucky to have our parents (on both sides). They are so willing to help us whenever we need it!  And on this project, we really value Nick’s father’s advice and help. Grandpa Jim is awesome! (Just looked and I don’t know how it is possible that I don’t have a picture of Jim working on the truck!)

This past weekend, Nick and his dad finally got the truck up and running and were able to drive it around! Its not registered or inspected yet and there is still some work to be done on it until we can get it up to Midland, but it was so cool to drive it around Nick’s grandparents’ ranch.  Nick was so proud of it, and I was proud of him. I know he can’t wait to get it up to Midland to have as his to-and-from-work car. Since the truck only gets about 8 miles to the gallon, thank goodness his office is only 3 miles away!

A before picture from memorial day weekend.


An after picture. I am so proud of Nick for the work that he has put into this truck!


Our first family ride! I love my beautiful family Smile.


I can’t wait to take this thing out and about in Midland – and possibly even take it to the local drive in… wouldn’t that be fun?

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