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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Country Fairs

While we are living in the US, we are trying to enjoy every little thing the US has to offer.  Right now, no local event is too small, and we are trying to do everything we can.  One area that we keenly felt was lacking in Russia was everyday things to do. We were able to do so much fabulous traveling, but we would get pretty bored in our day to day and weekend lives.  Just one of the many reasons we were so thankful for our church – if we hadn’t had them, we would not have done very much beyond watch TV and walk along the Black Sea!

The end of August/early September are usually fair season in Texas, and we went to 3, 3 weekends in a row!  All three were complete with petting zoos and pony rides, and Isla loved every single minute of them.

The first was our local county fair.  The first thing that we hit up at each fair was the petting zoo.  At the first one, Isla was very nervous about the animals, but she eventually warmed up.  This one was the only one with baby chicks.  She absolutely loved holding them! I made sure that she was very gentle… but still, poor baby chicks with all of the kids manhandling them all day.


She loved the pony ride!


And the carnival rides.


Our Cajun Queen was also able to experience her first Texas rodeo with daddy.  For his sake, she acted very interested in the bull riding.


Cute Gemma.


The next week we were visiting Nick’s parents in Temple and we all went to the Bell County Expo for another fair and rodeo.

There was another petting zoo.


And more rides.


I thought that she rode another pony at the expo but I don’t have a picture of it.  I don’t know now if we did that at the Bell County Expo also or if I just imagined she did three pony rides.  This is the reason why I blog – if I don’t blog about it and take pictures, its like it never happened. Things go in my brain, and right out again.

We also watched a little of the rodeo, and sat through the longest, hokiest prayer that I have ever heard in my life.  But still, it was nice that people were praying and blessing God at such a large venue with so many people in attendance.

Stoney LaRue was playing at the Expo too. The stage was right by the rides – it wasn’t roped off or on its own at all so we all stood around and listened to the music for a while.  Nick and I love Texas Country and in college we went to so many Texas Country concerts.  We laughed that now we show up with a baby, a preschooler and a stroller in tow. That’s just how we roll now.

Our final fair was probably my favorite. It was done through our local museum district in Midland and it was called “A Return to Storyland.”  It was not affiliated with a rodeo and was designed for children so there were no drunks to watch out for.  We had a great time all together.

By now, Isla was a pro at petting zoos, and this one was the best one yet.




Isla did not want to put the baby goat down!


There were not any mechanical rides but they did have several bouncy castles.  I hope my kid is somewhere in this picture (I don’t see her) and there was some purpose for me taking this picture and posting to my blog other than to prove my point that there were bouncy castles there…


Ok, I saw her… can you? It’s a little easier to see her in this next one.


Another pony ride Smile.


We all enjoyed a foot long homemade hand dipped corn dog while we listened to music.  Y’all it was soooo good.


Gemma was there tooSmile. Poor thing. I need to get better about taking pictures of her, but for now all she really does is ride in her stroller.


There was a big crafting room near the Planetarium. It was really disorganized and the only thing “Storyland” related that I could tell!  Here is Isla making a storybook.

IMG_0499Since the fair was at our local museum district, we were able to go into the children’s museum and let Isla play for a while. I am so happy to live in a town with a children’s museum! We have not made it back, but we definitely will.


I thought that the TV room was very cool. The kids sit behind a desk like newscasters and then they can see themselves on the monitor on the opposite wall. Our good friend is the meteorologist on Channel 9 here in Midland so it was cool to tell her about Isla’s picture behind the Channel 9 desk. She was pretending to be just like Miss Emily.


On our way out, someone gave us their tickets, which gave us just enough to buy some lime flavored Italian ice.  It was delicious!


Isla loves to feed Gemma and is always looking out for her Smile. She wanted to make sure Gemma wasn’t left out. I love my sweethearts!


We had so much fun at all three!  We really are blessed to be back in the US/Texas/Midland.  We are trying to really enjoy whatever we can and bloom here in Midland.  We love it, although we miss Russia and Louisiana a lot. If we are destined to be permanent Wannderers, then we want to make sure to get the most our of wherever we are RIGHT NOW and not look to the future for our fun!

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