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Thursday, October 3, 2013

7 Months of Gemma!

So I am way behind on posting on my teeny little treasure!  We finally had her 6 month appointment today. We had scheduled it twice before but had to cancel – once due to insurance issues and once due to illness.  So she finally got in today.

These are her stats:


Yes, she’s little. Except for her head. We call her Mega Mind Smile. And Gemmie Lou, but that has nothing to do with her size.

Nick was trying to explain to me that her big head made her cuter. “That’s all babies are are their heads. Their big heads are what make them so cute! They can’t even lift their little arms to touch the tops of their heads…” Hahahaha.

Anyway, whatever size she is. She’s perfect and the Doctor is not concerned with her weight being only in the 12th percentile so I am not. She’s a healthy eater, she sleeps great and so I am not worried.


She is a great eater! She is nursing 4 times per day at 8, 12, 4, and 8 again with solids at 12 and 6. I am going to start expanding her solids to 8 AM now.

So far she has tried applesauce, bananas, pears, beets, avocado, oat grouts, peas, peaches, watermelon, and prunes.  And carrots, I think.  She likes everything. She was a little hesitant about peas at first, but I just had to puree them in my Vitamix over the food processor and now she has no problems. She also wasn’t big on avocado or beets at first, but once I combined them with pears she loved them and now eats them alone. I am still making most of my own baby food. I love doing it. It’s the control freak coming out in me, but I love making her food and knowing exactly what is going into her body.

HERE’s a blogpost on her first foods!


She sleeps 12 hours at night and also does 1 1/2 to 2 hours twice per day. I have been much stricter about her sleep schedule and she is thriving.

Movement/Body Milestones:

She started army crawling at around 6 months. She rolled over from tummy to back on her 4 month birthday and from back to front on the 4th of July. Sometimes she pushes up onto all fours, but since she army crawls SO FAST I don’t know how motivated she will be to quad crawl. She is trying to pull up with a little help. She can sit up and balance pretty well, but she has been doing that since about 5 1/2 months without much improvement. I realized that other day that I don’t work with her on it AT ALL like I did Isla. Its ok, she’ll figure it out eventually.


Sweetness personified. She smiles all the time at anyone, however she is not as outgoing as Isla was. Literally the only time she cries is when she wants me. If someone else is holding her and she sees me, she becomes instantly unhappy. I kind of love it. I know before too long she will figure out that Daddy and Cookie and Boo are more fun than me so I am enjoying it while I can! I love having a Mommy’s girl.

She is much more sensitive to physical discomfort, like changes in hot or cold, than Isla is/was. She still just tolerates bath time, although she acts less and less traumatized after bath all the time, but still no smiles in the bath.

She is also much more into her toys than I remember Isla being. They keep her busy for a very long time. Its nice that her attention span/problem solving is so good. She should take to independent playtime much better than my little people person Isla.


She talks A LOT. She babbles, squeaks, trills, coos, etc all the time. I Love it. She also experiments with her cries and tests the volume, pitch and length of her wails – its hilarious and obvious what she is doing. She’s been saying Mama for about a month now in reference to me. Nick keeps working with her on Papa, but no dice.

Here’s a couple of cute pictures of our treasure!


And a link to a Facebook album of my two beloved daughters (yes I am back on for various reasons and no no one has “liked” this album since it was put up and yes I hate the entire world wide web at the moment and no I am not kidding and yes I am wondering what the heck is wrong with either people or stupid Facebook and yes I really hate Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/stori.wann/media_set?set=a.10103859031546724&type=1

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