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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Wann Girls

I feel like doing a potpourri post on the girls mainly just to get my first little point out and into permanent world wide web history, but also I just have a lot of random stuff rambling around in my brain.

  • Today on the way to preschool Isla and I were discussing her favorite books.  She said that her favorite books were the Llama Llama books, but “I don’t like Llama Mad at Mama, just Llama, Llama nice to Mama.”  Super cute.  She is my sweetheart.
  • Also, Isla is crazy about her preschool. Crazy. I asked her if she wanted to stay at home today since she slept in so late, but she jumped up and raced to get ready.
  • Gemma had strep throat on Monday and Tuesday. This is the second time in less than a month! She got it really bad this second time. She only wanted to be held and when I put her down she would army crawl after me calling “mama, mama” in the most pitiful voice. Our little GI Gemma looked like a dying soldier. This was such a change from Isla who almost NEVER gets sick and is so stoic when she does. Here is Gemma sick and miserable…photo (14)
  • My hypothesis (yes, we have been watching too much Dinosaur Train) for Gemma getting so sick so frequently is that she does not get enough sleep.  I have not lived up to the “Sleep Nazi” title that I earned with Isla.  Sometimes I feel like we run Gemma ragged between trying to make friends and Isla’s things… well not anymore. Fuhrer Mommy is back!
  • I am babysitting a little 3 year old girl named Gabby on Mondays and Wednesdays for 5 hours each day while her mom works.  I really enjoy it. She is a sweet little girl and Isla enjoys playing with her, and it’s a good excuse for me to stay home so that Gemma can get some rest!
  • In addition to Gemma being sick, everyone else is under the weather! It is bad.
  • I have been kind of obsessed with beets! I had never had them before a month ago. Today, I tried to give some to Gemma mixed with banana. She hated them, but this picture is so scrumptious of her. She is so happy and sweet. All. The. Time. She just radiates sweetness.photo (15)
  • Today I went to get Gemma from one of her naps and she had figured out how to get TWO binkies onto her hands. She has been an expert at putting a Soothie onto her thumb for at least month now, and today she got the second one on. My mom said that we have another Aggie genius in the the family. She’s engineered herself a spare.photo (16)
  • Don’t laugh, but I am dying for a minivan. We have decided to get one, but Nick is making me wait until December for one. That’s just so mean of him.
  • Every time my mom or Nick’s mom gives us money to buy the girls a present, I put it into their own little bank account. Now that we have two kids, we finally decided to put that money to good use and buy a wagon.  We love it! Its such a great toy. (Yes, we have Frodo back and we are sooo happy!)photo (17)
  • Babies doing grown up things, say it with me folks… awwwwww.photo (18)
  • We have been letting Isla come and sleep with us at night. She has to start in her own room, but we let her get into bed with us if she wakes up. I almost can’t believe that we are doing it, and we have had lengthy discussions on the pros and cons of it, but in the end – we decided it was ok. Our parents always let us come and sleep with them if we were scared and we going to pass that legacy down to our girls. If Isla is scared, then I don’t want her to be alone.
  • One of the cons for her coming into our room was that our mornings get so off and I get less sleep. I have to stay awake and make sure when Gemma wakes up over the monitor it doesn’t wake Isla up. I also can’t really get up and get ready without waking Isla up and my day gets so off. I decided to turn the con into a pro. Now I just lay in bed until Isla wakes up around 8, run and grab Gemma, and nurse her and cuddle with Isla while she wakes up all the way, usually while reading them a book. It’s the best part of my day. Once the former work out of the home woman in me would have felt guilty for my laziness, but now I just view it as one of the perks of my current job Smile.photo (20)
  • Isla has been to three petting zoo/county fair type deals this past month. I want to do a separate post on those. If I were rich, I would totally buy these kids a pony.
  • I love my girls!!!


  1. YAY! So glad to see pictures of your beautiful girls! And, if that first pic is a sad pic of Gemma, she really must be the sweetest smiliest baby on earth! They are adorable and you are a GREAT mom!

    Never feel guilty about a slow morning! When you were working you could clock out in the evening. Your new job requires round the clock service! So take things slow!

  2. I love the potpourri and the pictures! I can't believe how big Gemma is getting.

    I get strep throat a lot too from contact with so many students. It is the worst, so I feel for that girl.

    You sound like you are doing well. I'm excited to hear about your minivan plans!

  3. Thank you Elizabeth! Sometimes I need a little encouragement.

    Meg - Gemma is getting big, but she is also so little for her age, around the 20th percentile the last time we checked, she is going to be petite. Not like lucky Isla who is on the taller side. Well, she will at least be above average - that's the best I can hope for :). I will update on the minivan but right now we are leaning towards a Honda Odyssey since everyone that we know that has one loves them.


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