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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Redemption Symphony

So I did end up deleting my Redemption Song post. I think that it was very therapeutic for me in many ways, but not necessarily edifying for others. I want to speak on behalf of the orphan, and not let my voice be drowned out by negativity.

I didn’t know how to proceed until something happened today.

A clarion call came to those of us who care about the special needs orphans. If this does not band people together to move on behalf of the orphan, then I don’t know what will.

Do you remember Kyle? I shared about him in my Redemption Song post?













Kyle has been healed. He is in heaven now. We found out this morning.

Kyle’s head is no longer shaven because no one can be bothered to brush his hair. His head is no long scabbed from repeatedly banging it on the bars of his crib, where he spent his lonely days, in order to feel any sensation at all. No more diaper sores are on his body because no one could be bothered to change him more than once, maybe twice a day. The extra hair growth from receiving almost no human contact is most certainly gone – I know right now he is in Jesus’ loving embrace. And I like to think that his face is full and round and healthy now, not like when he lived here on earth and was only fed once a day, quickly and roughly so as not to take up too much time from his resource limited caregivers.

Friends this is why I do what I do. Why Reece’s Rainbow does what it does.

Voiceless, powerless children are sent from the relative warmth of a baby orphanage to adult mental institutions at the age of 4, 5 or maybe 6 where they suffer from criminal neglect and most of them die within a year of being transferred.

We can do something about this!

The kingdom of heaven is among you. The kingdom of God has come to earth. Through us. The church. Its time for us to live like kingdom people – who believe that when Christ came, he came to redeem and he left us, not just with a free pass for eternity – but with a MISSION. He expected us to live like we believed that the time for the kingdom was NOW.

This is our time to be like Jesus. To spend our time, money, sweat, and tears for someone who can do NOTHING for us in return.

In honor of Kyle – please consider helping FOUR lost little boys get out of hell on earth. Like Kyle, they have been transferred to a LEVEL FOUR ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION.

Remember Heath? I shared him with you exactly one year ago today.


Guess what? Heath has a family coming for him!

God has set the lonely in a family for Heath. He will be rescued! Every little offering that you gave, not just if you gave him money, but prayers or good thoughts as well – God used. Nothing was wasted and it is all being woven into Heath’s glorious redemption ON THIS EARTH through us, the body of Christ.

There are four little boys from Heath’s very same LEVEL FOUR MENTAL INSTITUTION featured in a beautiful symphony of redemption, the September Symphony, who will receive a 2:1 matching grant to go towards their adoptions. For every TAX DEDUCTIBLE dollar put into their grant accounts, an anonymous donor will donate TWO DOLLARS.

Meet these precious souls.

Meet Grady.Andre

Meet Pearson.30520132428

Meet Porter.Porter 2013

Meet Dagmar.30520133548

If you are a follower of Christ. I don’t have to tell you what Christ has promised to those who give, who care for the orphan and the needy – the least of these. THOSE WHO CAN DO NOTHING FOR YOU IN RETURN. You have heard the verses your entire lives. Now is the time to act – to store up your treasures in heaven and not on this earth.

There are families who will come for these boys. I have seen family after family step forward for children who in my small mindedness, I would have considered unadoptable. But God sets the lonely in families, not me, let’s help these boys’ families a little with the cost of their international adoptions. As you know, the cost is astronomical, much more than the average person has lying around. If you want to know more about the hell that the boys must be recused from – contact my friend Julia, she would be happy to tell you. Or you can read about her son’s experiences at that same mental asylum HERE. This is no place for anyone, let alone children.

And also, consider giving to a fifth boy. This little boy has already met his match (but don’t let that stop you from giving) and is not at the same place as the four boys above. But his situation is desperate. He has less than TWO WEEKS to find a committed family.

And he has so much potential. But even if he didn’t have potential – he still deserves to be LOVED and cared for. These children truly are the least of these.

Meet Brenton.brenton-update-cropped

I just love his face.

Please consider clicking on any one of those boys’ names and donating to help raise their ransoms! Let’s get these boys funded and HOME.

For a minimum donation of $10 to any grant account. Your name can be entered to win so many cool prizes! You receive more entries to win the more you give so don’t let the $10 number stop you. You can also gain additional entries by sharing on Facebook, your blog, email or Twitter.

  • $500.00 GIFT CARD!!!
  • Canon Power Shot SX50 HS Digital Camera
  • A Kindle Fire (159.00 value) OR Nintendo 3DS (178.65 value) OR 150.00 Pick a Child or Family on Reece's Rainbow
  • Used Kindle Keyboard WiFi 6"
  • Très Riches Heures (Months of the Year) 04 "April" Limited Edition 1992
  • Set of Framed Vintage Floral Prints Signed Carle
  • 50.00 J.C. Penny Gift Card
  • 50.00 Visa Gift Card
  • 25.00 Barnes and Noble Gift Card
  • 25.00 Visa Gift Card
  • Mint-Colored Bead Necklace
  • Faux Turquoise Necklace
  • Set of Matryoska Dolls
  • All Chalked Up
  • $18.00 Hooked on Hope Gift Certificate
  • Adoption T-Shirt of your choice
  • Adoption T-Shirt of your choice
  • Adoption T-Shirt of your choice

WOW WOW WOW! Helping orphans is enough of its own reward, but so many wonderful people have donated prizes for the love of these boys!

  1. Once you have donated to any one of these boys, please go to Julia’s blog and leave a comment stating how much you have donated, HERE. There are also other families that you can help, but these five motherless boys are the ones closest to my heart so that is why I shared them with you. You can probably also leave a comment here if its easier and I will forward the information onto Julia.

Please do this in remembrance of Kyle.

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” ~ Jesus Christ


  1. Hopefully beautiful Kyle will be playing with his lil RR buddy Nicolai, who also had DS and sadly was called home by the Father in 2008.

  2. I hope so Kaylee - in fact I think so :). I'm so thankful these boys are with the Father instead of misery here, but I wish that they had known love here on earth.

  3. This breaks my heart Stori. Are you officially affiliated with Reese's Rainbow? Or do you just find out about the stories and advocate about them? It gets overwhelming and it feels like you can't help enough. :(

    1. Kristy - it does get very overwhelming until I just shut down for a while, and then something like this wakes me up again. I am not officially affiliated with them. Anyone can advocate and spread the news about the work at RR. There's a number of ways to help listed on their website - including becoming a prayer warrior for a specific child. The most official thing that I do is sign up to be an Angel Tree warrior. I commit to raising $1000 for one child from Nov 1 to Dec 31. Sign ups are right now if you are interested in becoming one. :)

    2. Thanks Stori - I have been reading your blog for a while and you have definitely educated me on this topic and about these kids - which I appreciate. I will look at their website - I think I may sign up to be an Angel Tree warrior :) I also feel like somehow maybe my law degree could be useful, but I don't know how. Hmmm....

    3. I promise you will not regret it! Its a such a wonderful experience - everyone works hard together to get the children to their $1000 goal! You won't be doing it alone. If you think that you might be able and willing to help with your law degree, you should contact RR or even Andrea directly. They are really good about getting back to you quickly. Or at least they have been the few times that I have needed information. Feel free to "friend" anyone of them directly on Facebook! They don't hide much.

  4. Hi Stori, You are right. What was done to him was criminal. I am heartbroken for the fear and pain he must have felt. He is from the same region where Elden lives. I pray he doesn't suffer the same fate. He is currently at a young child orphanage but will age out in a little over a year. I'm sure you'll remember him (I probably mentioned him to you in the past when I gave to your fundraisers). Look here or google Elden 14g to see all his older RR pics:


    God help him.

    Sue H.

    1. I remember sweet Elden well. God bless him and send him peace in his situation today. How this treatment is not being flagged as a gross human rights violation is beyond me. Andrea R was right - there are no human rights in Russia. Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you are with me in this. Sometimes it feels like I am shouting into deaf ears.

  5. Stori, I check your blog all the time! We have a similar passion for the kids on RR. I liked your post today too. What is LTY?

    We spent a few months last summer selling all kinds of stuff/furniture around the house on craigslist and ebay (we had just moved) and donated about $800 to Heath. It was a lot of work but felt great and the kids understood how it would help a family come forward. Every time some old table or dresser sold we were so excited. Last year at XMAS our kids participated in a town-wide "kids rummage sale" where they sell used toys and they donated their proceeds to Emily 15H (our AT baby). It only raised about $100 but they were so proud and put RR info in the buyer's bags too. I think you'll find the rummage sale will take on such meaning. Consider getting some brochures (or make your own) to stuff in people's bags!

    I'm not sure if we're going to do the kids toy rummage sale again this year or not but we'll come up with something!

    Sue H.

  6. Stori, One more question, if you know, and please you can just delete this post and give the info so my question is not permanently on your blog. Do you know when Kyle passed away. I'm wondering how soon he was transferred (the house Elden's at now goes through age 7). Kyle would have been 8 in October. I'm not on FB so I just know the little I've read on the blogs.

  7. LTY stands for Little Tummy Yummies, it's a blog that I have with my penpal. We do family and children's foods. Its a silly blog that just sort of came out of constantly comparing notes on our girls who are only two weeks a part in age. We have fun with it. I have really neglected it this past year though. Thanks for the encouragement on the yard sale!!! I definitely want to get Isla as involved as I can. I will definitely get some RR brochures!!!

    I don't know which orphanage Kyle was in, but I will check with Andrea and around on Facebook.

  8. I spoke with Michelle Z and checked RR. Elden is in the same baby house that Kyle was in, however that does not guarantee that they will go to the same asylum. He will be sent wherever there is a bed :(.


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