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Monday, September 16, 2013

Isla in Preschool

So I am finally getting around to my little gal’s first day of preschool!  Life is busy in Midland, delightfully busy, and my busy little 3 year old absolutely loves life in “Midland, Texas”*.  I am so happy for all of the great experiences she has had so far here, and I am delighted that she has taken so well to her new school.

Before class started her teacher, Miss Bridgett, went to all 12 of her students’ homes, which I thought was really cool and and thoughtful and.. dedicated because that’s a lot of driving all over town (even though it’s a small town).  Not that regular teachers aren’t dedicated or anything, but I was just surprised that she would do that. Her reasons were that the kids would know her before the first day of class and be more comfortable being left by their parents, which is just so sweet.

Miss Bridgett brought a copy of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?” by Eric Carle to read to Isla and then she took Isla’s picture.  Her plan was to make it into a little book with all of the children in class seeing one another until Miss Bridgett was the “Teacher” mentioned in the book.  Very cute.

Anyway she sat down to read the book to Isla and Isla said “I have that book.” And Miss Bridgett said “Well maybe you can help me read it?” Isla then began to recite the book verbatim, from memory!  I was blown away for several reasons.  One – I don’t really like the Eric Carle books, beside the “Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar”, and I REALLY don’t like “Brown Bear” so I almost never read it unless she asks me to.  Two – We had not read the book in at least two months since it was sent in our sea shipment, which we had not received at that point. Three – she had only just recently started reciting books from memory about a month before.  Who knows what else she has stored away in her young mind?

Anyway, I am pretty much blown away by my smart, sweet, funny, BUSY little daughter.  I am super blessed to be her mommy.

The first day of school my parents were visiting so they stayed at home while I took Isla to school.  Nick couldn’t come with us because of a business meeting, which was a bummer because he hates missing things like this. It was pretty uneventful.  I walked her to her room, showed her her cubby and found her her seat and said good bye.  She is so confident in almost any situation and is fine whenever I drop her off and leave her, new church, new school, new friends house – so not like me at her age.  I always hated going to school, and I am so happy that she did not inherit that trait from me.

photo (10)photo (11)

So far she loves school!  In fact she is very helpful in the mornings and gets ready without much trouble.  I do need to work more on her morning independence.  She was really good about dressing herself, but regressed when Gemma was born and I indulged her.  We will work on that in the next month or so.  I usually get her ready and fed by 8, and then I get up Gemma because it takes about 30 to 40 minutes to nurse, feed and dress Gemma and then we need to leave by 8:40 AM to be at school by 9.  The whole time she asks me “Mom, can we go to school now?” Then one time on the way to school she said “Mom, I like my school better than your house.” Sad smile I’m not so sure how I feel about that but I know she loves me a bunch.  I just try to focus on the fact that she loves her school!

For now she is happy so we are going to stick with this preschool, all of my apprehension aside.  I am still checking into Classical Conversations for next year.  While she is little the best time to test out the waters and figure out what education style works best for her and us as a family.  So far the school setting is looking pretty good if she is so happy!

*Side note: lately Isla has been asking us what “Texas” people live in.  Like, “Which Texas does Aunt Tiffany live in?” “Pearland, TX”. "What Texas do Boo and Grandpa live in?” “Temple, TX.” Etc.  Its very cute.  I love the way her mind problem solves at this age.


  1. That is really, really great that she loves school and had no problems! Kailyn had a tough time when I first dropped her off for preschool at 3, she would cry for about 5 mins and then be fine. Now in Kindergarten, she loves it and walks herself to her classroom. :) Isla is adorable and she is definitely your mini-me!

  2. Yes, I am really lucky that its so easy for her! I can't wait to see photos of the new little Patin... I am so excited for you :).


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