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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Angel Eyes

Its that time of year again.

Angel Tree time! I have committed to raising $1000 for a child listed on Reece’s Rainbow between Nov 1 until Dec 31st of this year.

This is my third year to do Angel Tree. I feel like an old timer in the group.

My first boy Kai has a family and they are in the process of bringing him home! Its glorious to think of!


My second precious boy, Sonny, is currently locked away in a mental asylum inside a closed country with no hope of redemption. Please pray for my boy.

sonny after

Meet my new boy, Asher.


What a little love, don’t you agree?

The first year Kai was one of the few children left by the time I signed up for Angel Tree and I picked his name because he had the same name as a dear friend’s son. The second year Andrea asked me if I wanted to be Sonny’s warrior, and I wanted to, very badly. Sonny needed out.

My inclination was to pick a boy who desperately needs out again this year and I may try to pick up a second child, but I decided on little Asher because of his name. My dear penpal’s boy and LTY epicutie is called Little Asher and we want to do an LTY giveaway for Angel Tree. The second reason is that that name always makes me think of a dear friend who lost three babies to miscarriages, and I know she had always wanted to call her boy Asher. Its nice to think that I can help an Asher.

I am glad that I chose Asher. He’s still so tender. I hope that someone snatches him up while he is still so little and tender and saves him years of neglect and abuse.

Like Kyle.kyle before

And like Sunny.sinny before

I am always a little uncertain how to blog during Angel Tree because this stuff is heavy. Nothing sobers me quicker than reflecting on all of the ways that human beings are ugly to one another. I think about it a lot. Perhaps too much and walking around my house all day I get these random fits of melancholy just thinking about all of the human waste – people thrown away by others or who let themselves be thrown away. Every human being has so much potential for good.

The thing is, this blog is for my family first. What we do for Reece’s Rainbow is a part of that big, happy, joyful, complicated, busy but occasionally lazy and usually very messy picture. We are a happy, blessed people who feel that we are called to be a blessing to others. I really love my life – some days I could pinch myself I love it so much.  I have a tendency to not blog about our lives during Angel Tree because I don’t know if people will understand the joy that flows out onto this blog, as if it means I am not taking suffering serious enough.

I take suffering seriously – but that also means that I take the cross seriously and what it was meant to do.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” ~ Jesus

The thing that I always come back to after all of my glowering is just the command to be joyful!

“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” ~ Phillipians 4:4

Sin has been conquered, so rejoice! Smile I have seen the power of the cross at work in my life. I have tasted and see that the Lord is good! How can I not be joyful? God knows and sees all evil that happens in this world and still commands us to rejoice… I won’t let the thief steal my joy.

So over the next few months, I will share with you about sweet Asher, and I will continue to share about our lives and the great things God has done!

This year I am going to do my fundraiser a little differently than before. I offered some big prizes, but I don’t know that that was the best use of my funds. I think that perhaps people want something more tangible for their donation.

PLUS I am only going to focus on getting Asher to his $1000 goal in addition to the rest of the Angel Tree children. We have accomplished that miracle for the last two years and I am praying that we can do it again! I don’t think offering a big prize just for my boy is the best way to accomplish that.

Given that – I have seen many people have successful online bake sales and I make pretty amazing cookies and brownies so I think that I will go that route for Asher’s fundraiser. Hopefully some people will offer to buy my baked goods.

I also feel like I need to do something I don’t enjoy as a sacrifice so I am going to do a garage sale with all proceeds going to Asher’s fund. I really don’t want to do this. I would much rather just donate everything to Good Will – get it out of my house and be done with it. But I have always believed that there is no love without sacrifice.

Doing those two things, I will work to get Asher as high as I can get him.

As for the rest of the Angel Tree kids. I am going to do a giveaway on LTY to benefit all children listed on the Angel Tree. I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve.

If you are interested in becoming a warrior along with me, check out Reece’s Rainbow’s Christmas Warrior page – HERE.

And please consider praying for the success of the program and that Asher's family finds him soon, hopefully before Angel Tree.

I don’t want to see pictures of Asher with scabs on his forehead.  Help me fight for this boy!

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